More Random Thoughts….

28 May

Hey everyone…sorry, I was out of town on business for the first half of the week, but I’m getting caught up now.  I’ll be posting regular episode recaps next week.  In the meantime, here’s more random observations:

1.  I like the new Abby, both as an actress and as a character.  She definitely is a spark in the powderkeg.  However, then Rapid Aging Syndrome is in overdrive.  When she went away to England about 2 years ago, she was like 4…then she comes back 6 months later at like 15…then, last week, she comes back again and is definitively either 18 or 21 (depending on how they define legal).  I’ve never seen them rapidly age someone twice in such a short amount of time.

2.  Speaking of Abby’s age, when Noah comes back, will he still be older than Abby?

3.  Speaking of Noah, if Eden was sent to Paris under false pretenses and was kind of forced over there due to the trouble Daisy was framing, how come she’s not back yet since it’s been definitively proven that Daisy was causing all the problems?

4.  Not feeling the Daniel/Abby paring…if there’s anyone who needs some time to himself, it’s Daniel.  He goes from Lilly to Porn Addiction (they even had him grow a creepy pervert beard) to Amber and murder investigations et al.  He needs a break.  To top it off, isn’t Abby his step-half-aunt since he’s Nick’s stepson and Abby is Nick’s half-sister?

5.  Speaking of Daniel, he may be the most realistic and responsible person on the show right now.  As a guy, you want me to become an instant father to a child who’s not yours, but is the spawn of your ex who just framed me for murder and I’m the bad guy?  GTFOHWTBS!  If Daniel isn’t ready to be a father, he isn’t ready and that’s A LOT to ask of someone. 

6.They need to hurry up and do something to progress the Malcolm/Tucker storyline before people forget.  I like Y & R because it’s generally the most realistic of the soaps (I don’t watch any others, but reading some of the storyline…yeesh!), but they tend to drag things out too long.  I know it’s dreaming, but my hope is that they’re dragging it out because they’re in negotiations with Victoria Rowell to come back as Dru and somehow want to incoporate her into the storyline.

7.  Eric Braeden forgets his lines…a lot.

8.  But he never forgets that leather jacket when he’s trying to solve a mystery!

9.  Speaking of mysteries, shouldn’t Nick have a get out of jail free card from the Genoa City District Attorney’s office?  He’s been charged with murder among other things on multiple occasions and has been exonerated each time.  Shouldn’t he get the benefit of the doubt?

10.  Accepting that The Young and the Restless is generally for women, I know that pleasing male viewers is of low priority.  However, can we get a bikini photo shoot or something?  I could use the eyecandy….new Abby, Chloe, Sharon, Roxanne, Phyllis…hell, bring back old Heather for one shot only.

That’s all for now…not that I watch that kind of thing!

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