Biased DAs, Girls who need a good shaking, and Dumbass DEA (5/31/10)

31 May

Man, no one can say the Abbotts and the Newmans can’t get together…Adam, the ultimate douchebag, is alive and free, apparently having crossed the line into murder.  I always thought Adam was a douche, but I also thought his family treated him unfairly.  Whatever he did to Nick and Victoria was relatively alright to me because they treated him like garbage.  Where he crossed the line was when he started scheming and involving innocent people who were nothing but kind to him…that made him a douche.   Now, to have apparently murdered a very nice person with a little boy, he has crossed yet another hurdle into Sheila Carter territory.

The thing I liked about Adam is that he had occasional pangs of conscience he had that made clear that he was not some psychopath.  You could kind of understand how he got to what he became and that he went too far.  Now, there’s a point of no return.  Adam Newman will either have to be a supervillain a la Sheila Carter or Matt Clark, or he must die.  Then again, Phyllis has murdered and run over Paul to make him impotent and Michael Baldwin is a rapist and ex-con, and no  one ever mentions that, so for all we know, they may rehabilitate his character.

On another front, how in God’s name do the DAs keep their jobs?  The only conviction I ever remember them winning was John Abbott, which was a 2 month life sentence.  Nick’s been prosecuted for murder at least twice now, and is always exonerated.   So Pomerantz is admitting he’s biased?  Doesn’t Victor need to call some of his political friends and see about getting him fired?  That has to be prosecutorial misconduct, right?

**I don’t believe in hitting women, but man, I wanted Billy to shake Abby very badly.  At least when Billy was doing ill stuff with his magazine, he was going after his enemy, not his family, and his purpose was revenge, not fame.  I like Abby’s character because she sparks stuff, but I need to see her get her comeuppance.

**I’m not a lawyer, but if Dr. Peterson can provide documentation that she had her identity/persona stolen and was held in a mental hospital for the past several months, shouldn’t that be proof enough for the dumbass DEA to leave her alone?  I’m just saying….


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2 responses to “Biased DAs, Girls who need a good shaking, and Dumbass DEA (5/31/10)

  1. bloodyafrikans

    May 31, 2010 at 8:30 pm

    Wait….. is Paul still impotent??? No wonder Nikki left him!


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