02 Jun

It’s apparently a tradition in Genoa City to be cheap.  The first incident of cheapness I recall was when Phyllis rented her penthouse to Daniel and Amber, which makes sense as her son.  But then, we had Brad’s house turn into Colleen’s house (which made sense) into Adam and Sharon’s house (WTH?) into Ashley’s house.  Then you have the most egregious one of all, Billy moving into Murphy’s trailer.  Now why do I call this being cheap?  The real reason they have all this recycling going on is because the powers that be at Y & R would prefer to use the sets they have than make new ones, which is why Jimmy’s Bar is used so frequently rather than the much nicer Indigo. 

Another way Y & R is cheap is far more egregious to me….the use of the evil twin/surgically altered villain.  There is an incredibly skilled South American doctor who is running around making EXACT copies of people, dopplegangers that are so perfect that their husbands cannot tell the difference.  The plastic surgery angle worked fine when it was Matt Clark, as they were unable to get Eddie Cibrian back and the surgery fit into the plan.  It was even fine when they did it for Sheila Carter to look like Phyllis Newman.  But when we had Dr. Peterson looking like Patty Williams, and then Sara Smythe looking like Lauren, it became obvious to be that they just wanted to avoid paying 2 different actresses and were overusing the plot device.  CHEAP!

I understand Soaps in general are in dangerous fiscal territory, and truth be told, I’d rather have Melody Thomas-Scott and Eric Braeden on the show than have more varied sets and different actors playing different roles.  However, don’t use it to be lazy…make it more seamless and believable as a plot device.

Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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