“What were you thinking? Marrying this idiot?” (6/1/10)

02 Jun

So Victor, who we’ve established has lost his swag, storms into Billy’s trailer to demand an explanation for his grown ass daughter marrying Billy Abbott…the hilarious thing about the whole scene was Billy plucking with Victor…I thought Victor would have another seizure when Billy said he loved her.  Victor used to be cool and calculating, but now they portray him as the overbearing hot head and it’s not cool.  The old Victor would never have let Adam get the drop on him like that.   But I digress….  I love the interplay between Billy and Victoria.  Keep them together! 

In other parts of Genoa City, Emily is released from jail on bail.  Paul, in one of his brighter moments, asks the million dollar question…did you tell them you were locked up when the prescriptions were written?  The response?  The DEA is strict on these things….WTH?  There’s no chance in hell of a reasonable judge/jury finding her guilty.  So Emily’s going to stay in the poolhouse, huh?  She needs to stop breaking Jack’s balls over this, but then again, she has a point.  Plastic surgery can only do so much, and I’m pretty sure I’d recognize my wife’s, uh….netherregions.

At the loonybin, Nick, for some inexplicable reason, is allowed to talk to Patty.  If you want to talk about a Doctor who needs his license taken away, it’s Patty’s Psychiatrist.  Anyway, her saying there were two Adams is money.  At least Nick was smart enough to realize what she was saying, unlike dense Paul at the end when she said “brother.”

Ashley, who is so much better as the sober voice of reason than the lunatic victim she was last summer, says the most sensible things to Paris Hilton stupid Abby, the real idiot of the show.  The courtroom  was pure foolishness, and thankfully the judge had the good sense to deny Abby the money.  On a sidenote, it would have created an interesting dynamic to have Abby not involved with divulging the wedding and having Victoria, she of Playboy herself, bond with her sister over her actions and kind of guide her along.

Last but not least, the wedding is ruled illegal because Jamaican law states that marriages must take place before 8pm.  As an honorary Jamaican (through my wife), I had to look this up to see if it was true.  Astonishingly enough, it’s not only true, but Y & R didn’t go far enough, as the actual law says you can’t get married after 6pm….AND the marriage license has to be obtained 24 hours before a wedding can take place.  Now I know time is a fluid concept in Genoa City, but that would be a stretch even for them.  Not that I watch that kind of thing…

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