Help! I’m in Y&R Withdrawal!

17 Jun

I haven’t watched my stories all week!

I am working hard on my third novel AND working with a developer to get the new version of my website launched.  (On a regular basis, I will link to this blog from my site so I can send some people over here to support.)

I love Y&R, but I’ve got to focus on my own “stories” as I complete my novel….

But it’s fun and funny how nearly a lifetime of watching soap operas has influenced and can influence one’s writing.

My strength as a writer is conveying emotion through dialogue and subtle body language between characters.  How else could I have developed that so well if not for watching Patch and Kayla on Days or even Devon’s longing for Lily a few years ago on Y&R?  (Have I said lately how much I appreciate Bryton’s growth as an actor?)

I wouldn’t say I am “weak” in any area as an author, but I acknowledge I am not a literary muckety-muck like Toni Morrison or Edward P. Jones.  My novels will not get a Pulitzer Prize any more than Days or Our Lives will somehow win a Emmy.

Oops, sorry Ken Corday.

But, like soap operas, I aim to please my core audience by simply telling stories of families.   In my books, the families may not all be related by blood, but they are familial by choice.

And one more random note — I have determined that everyone is rich in soap operas because 1) Being poor is boring, and 2) When your characters are wealthy, they can do what they want and you don’t have to write about them working in an office eight hours a day.

If you’re like me, you don’t work eight hours and then run off to Jamaica to get married, lose custody of your child, have horrible articles written about you, kill your son, kill your wife, run your daughter off the road….etc….

Anyway, just some early morning ramblings as I cope with a self-imposed Genoa City exile for the remainder of the week.  I’ll catch up with you after a marathon on Saturday.

Not that I watch that kind of thing…

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