omg wtf i watched five episodes in one night

23 Jun

Last night I took a break from writing my novel to catch up on what was happening in Genoa City.

Let me first say that watching five episodes back to back is something I hope to never do again.  Oh.  My.  Damn.  I was only really able to because it is too damn hot in Washington, DC to do anything else right now.  When I say hot, I am talking about Kunte Kinte on the Middle Passage hot.

So where do I begin?

Let’s start with the Foster Family.    I was not watching the show back when these people were on, so I didn’t connect with them like I think other people might have.  Plus, David Hasselhoff looked….strange.  Jill was especially vulnerable and whiny, but that’s a good thing.  She’s a great actress.  The most valuable player, however, was Katherine Chancellor.  I got so many texts last week telling me that she had acted her ass off and when I finally saw it, I agreed.

Liz Foster dying was sad.  Very sad.  If I had known they were killing off Liz Foster the same week as Alice Horton, I could have prepared better.  lol.  However, I find it HIGHLY implausible that Liz Foster wouldn’t have wanted a funeral, or that Snapper and the other one (I don’t know his name) would just leave the next morning.

Jill being a Fenmore.  Well, my circle of friends believe that it’s a stupid move by the writers.  Because Lauren is the only Fenmore I know, I can’t say that I care much one way or the other.  I didn’t like her reaction.  But that’s because I have literally been in the same situation — I have a half-family that largely doesn’t acknowledge me because they don’t believe that my father would have had a kid he didn’t take care of.

From the Fenmores to the Baldwins.  OMG WTF JANA!!!!!  You emotionless whore!  But how ’bout that punch Kevin gave Ryder?  YESSSS.  I was standing up hollering behind that one.

Let me talk about that scoundrel of a district attorney Pomerantz — is it really obvious that he is behind whatever this bullshit drama is with Riggs, Chance, Heather, and the inmate?  Dumbest story ever.

Okay, major stories:

I know some of y’all hate Big Red, but she is my bottom bitch.   She is so ride-or-die it ain’t even funny!  I am at the point where I do believe she needs to let Nick go because he can’t decide what he wants.  Speaking of Nick….. why couldn’t anybody but him have been framed for murder.  He’s really uninteresting.

Nikki had a great scene with Abby this week.  I want to see more of these and ultimately Abby turning to Nikki more as a mom, causing drama with Ashley.    BTW, Abby and Daniel?  Gross.  But LOVED Big Red roughing him up.

I will leave the Transnational Storylines for my frat brother to discuss.  Overall, I am liking them.

And Lily Winters?  Let the bitch die.

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One response to “omg wtf i watched five episodes in one night

  1. ntiwtkot

    June 23, 2010 at 3:26 pm

    Okay, regarding the Fosters, the first thing I thought of when I saw The Hoff was this:'s+Rhinoplasty

    Nah, in all seriousness, while I feel you about Lauren’s reaction, it was understandable. After all, when Liz thought she was on her deathbed, she lied and said it was Katherine. From a storyline standpoint, I hate that they ret-conned it so that Katherine and Jill weren’t mother and daughter. How do they explain the DNA test Katherine and Jill took and passed shortly after the revelation?

    Jana and Ryder both need to be flogged. If I’m Kevin, I would have reacted the EXACT same way….how are you going to take out a loan on MY business so you can bail out my half-brother who kidnapped you and pay for rooms at an expensive hotel and then you’re boning him on top of all that…with my money? In the words of the Great Victor Newman…IT AIN’T GONNA HAPPEN…YOU GOT THAT?

    Like I said before, they need to give Abby some allies or something…having everyone hate her is boring and leads to a one dimensional character.

    I’ll vote for Lily dying if only it means I don’t have to hear “Don’t upset Lily!” any more…Lily’s a grown ass woman. The entire time since she met Cane, she’s been in distress about something…I just want her to be like Nikki and serve tea and give advice for a while…maybe bring Sierra back as her friend.


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