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Cinderella, Beer Pong, Wicked Sisters, and revising my opinion on Heather (7/28/10)

It is always a good day when I can see my future ex-wife on Y & R. I know yesterday’s show got blasted in some quarters, but I kind of liked it as a change of pace. The actors and actresses always seem to have fun with the dream sequences, and yesterday was no exception. It was corny, but it was different. Nice touch to have Christel Khalil in her own hair for the dream sequence.

Speaking of the Winters’ Clan, thankfully, it looks like they’re winding down the cancer storyline. Hopefully, they’ll get them something interesting to do, like have the evil Austrailian ranchers get to Cane or something. On the Sofia front, I wonder what they have planned for her. She always seems like she’s up to something. My hope is that she’s as straight up as she claims to be, but something tells me they’re going to either a) Paint her as a villainess or b) Have her and Neil get together. If it keeps my future ex-wife on the show, I’m all for it! Having Roxy and Sofia in the same scene was great for the eyecandy meter.

In other news, I continue to like the interplay between Billy and Victoria, especially when he brings the kid out of her. It didn’t dawn on me until yesterday that it was Wisconsin and Central A/C might not be as ubiquitous as it is here in the giant swamp known as the DC Metro area.

Speaking of A/C, it afforded me a view of Eden Riegel as Heather I hadn’t had before. She still annoys me, but she had a sexy thing happening before she left the apartment in yesterday’s show. Part of my dislike of her was due to my crush on Vail Bloom, but I’m getting over that. In terms of actual storyline, I’m still trying to figure out Ronan. If his sole purpose for being in GC is to protect Heather, why in the bluest of hells is he out at the bar screwing around with Chloe, who was looking pretty damn hot herself? And I always thought Meeks was dirty, why would Ronan pass Heather off to Meeks of all people to cover for him? Hopefully this storyline is about to payoff in a major way.

Back to Chloe for a minute…what was she thinking? Is she in high school? Making people jealous in such a contrived way only rarely works.

Last, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Jill/Lauren storyline. I loved how they had Jill mentioning that she has had a new family every 2 weeks, because it is getting a little ridiculous. I also liked Billy staying out of it. As I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for harmony, so I actually was buying it when Jill seemed like she was going to let bygones be bygones, but that got wiped out quick. I guess the turnabout’s fair play, because Lauren has been dead wrong since finding out Jill was her sister.

Not that I watch that kind of thing…

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In lieu of talking exclusively about yesterday…(7/27/10)

I’ll talk about Monday as well, because yesterday may have been the most boring episode of Y & R in a long time. I absolutely hate the Lily/Cane/Mac/JT storyline. Let me rephrase…I don’t care about the Lily/Cane/Mac/JT storyline, which is far worse. It just doesn’t move my meter and it’s been dragged on forever. They need to bring Brittany back to GC to give JT a good storyline.

On the more exciting tip, Adam sneaking Patty out on Monday and his cover story is filled with more holes than John Dillinger. Adam’s supposedly semi-blind butt can not only see schematics on an iPhone and follow a blueprint in dim light and draw a map? Not to mention crawling through the cleanest ventilation system in history without making noise that would alert anyone that someone’s in there? And no one noticed it got hot with the fan taken out? He wasn’t wearing gloves, but left no fingerprints? And considering it’s a hospital for the criminally insane, I have a hard time believing that they wouldn’t have cameras in each room or hourly check ups. Then again, the whole portrayal of the mentally ill on Y & R has troubled me, but that’s another post.

On the Abby front, I like the idea of kicking Ashley out of the house…it makes a heck of a lot of sense. I don’t like Daniel following her around like her lap dog. I liked it better when Daniel was the older, more mature one who called Abby on her BS.

Last but not least, the Ronan storyline. They need to accelerate it…i know they introduced it a while ago and then stopped, but we’ve been waiting since last summer for a payoff on this one. And of all the cases to put an undercover cop on,(is he FBI? And what federal jurisdiction is there over a dirty cop in Wisconsin case?) they assign the guy who happens to be the long-lost brother of the cop who’s trying to whistle blow? I like it for the bit of action, but again, my suspension of disbelief is being strained. Who’s coming back next, Little Nate? Actually, that’s not a bad idea. He’s one of the only kids that aged relatively naturally on the show and in real years would be 18 now, with a leap into the 20s not implausible, but I digress. I would say who would cheat on Chloe with the new mousey Heather, but you see that all the time in real life, guys cheating on their much hotter wife with someone not quite as good.

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One random sign I watch Y & R too much….

So my wife and I are at my mother’s house with our sons. My wife and I are watching tv as my sons go and sucker my mother into giving them even more food. As my oldest son (3 years old) kept asking for something that we told him no to several times, my youngest son (22 months old) says “YOU GOT THAT?”

Hope everyone had a great weekend! I’ll be back tomorrow with thoughts on the Ronan situation…

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I am showing my age, but….

So I watched Thursday’s episode just now, and while I applaud Y&R for going back into the vault and showing us some vintage Cricket and Nina, I just didn’t connect with it.  These characters weren’t significant parts of the show by the time I began watching.  It was interesting, yes.  And I am glad that the “Ronan as Nina’s lost son” thing came to light sooner rather than later, I can’t say that it engaged me a whole hell of a lot.

Still, I like the loyalty for past storyline.  Kudos to the writers and stuff.

I am quite different from Chris in a lot of respects when it comes to this blog.  He is truly a lifer; I’ve only been watching faithfully for about as long as I’ve been an Alpha — since ’03.  I am acquainted with most of the characters, but I am more invested in the core families and newer characters.  That’s fine, I guess, but it sometimes limits my zeal.

I also (shockingly!) am not into the boobies and cooter of Sophia Dupree as my counterpart may be.  When she’s in the bed with Malcolm, well, I’m looking at Malcolm and wishing he was Shemar Moore.

And, as I have said elsewhere, I have been a Days of Our Lives fan for much longer than I’ve been a Y&R fan and only got invested in Genoa City when things in Salem got too awful to stand.  Now I watch both.

So yes, I am showing my age in this entry — my youth — but I am still proud that Y&R is one of my “stories” and that the acting and writing is generally superb.  Soap operas are truly a dying art and I hope that Y&R can show the networks how it should be done.

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We’re Getting Married Again…YOU GOT THAT? (7/21/10)

Yesterday’s episode was classic Victor…marrying Nikki and bellowing “YOU GOT THAT?” first at Victoria, who is a grown ass woman, and then at Abby, who deserves it. I’ve honestly lost count on how many times Victor and Nikki have gotten married. I know they’re rich and all, but at this point, instead of having a big wedding, I’d go down to the Justice of the Peace and call it a day.

In other Newman news, Nick going with the snarling face to Adam was semi-funny. But even funnier was accusing Adam of using his father’s good name for his hedge fund. This is the same good name that spent time in prison for bribery (which Nick snitched on), murdered Walter Pailin, fed rats to an enemy, etc? Righttttt….it’s like chosing between Bernie Madoff or Al Capone. I’m more and more on Team Adam these days.

I see they’re trying to give Abby some depth, but it’s not really working. You have to do better than “Being naked is my way of expressing myself.” And true, in real life, guys do some dumb stuff for hot chicks…but Daniel getting involved in this situation? He’s supposedly the adult here. A chick that starved for attention is bad news. I will give her props for calling out Uncle Jack for trying to run the same scheme with her that he ran with Colleen a couple of years back. Besides, wouldn’t it make more sense for Jack to just buy the stock from her instead of using her as a front?

Though it hurt to see my future ex-wife in bed with Eddie Winslow, at least I got to see her in bed! I already like the interplay between Sofia and Malcolm. It seems authentic, kind of like with Billy and Victoria. Though I know Malcolm and Neil have had their issues, I still have a hard time accepting that Malcolm would spy on his brother for money.

Not that I watch that kind of thing…


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Your attention please…the most epic display of douchebaggery in recent history

To reference what I’m talking about, go to 8:07 in this clip.

Victor’s speech on Adam last week was CLASSIC! Since then, Rashid has taken it upon himself to denounce me as his son on Facebook several times. At any rate, at once it was classic Victor and new reactionary Victor. Adam has managed to stay one step ahead of him at all times, and I won’t be surprised to see Adam prevail. In fact, I kind of want him to win. My prediction is that someone else will be revealed as Hightower’s killer. With Ryder on the way out, they can make things easy by having him as the killer, or even Daisy’s non-acting ass. As I stated before, Adam can only be a redeemable character if he didn’t kill Hightower. I’m looking forward to seeing how Adam gets out of this one.

Not that I watch that kind of thing…

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As a Black male who watches Y & R…

As a Black man who watches The Young and The Restless, I’ve come to accept certain things.  Here’s a brief list:

–Unless you’re into really skinny women, if you’re a straight Black man, you’re not going to get much titillation out of watching the show.  I’ve realized that a lot of brothers simply have different taste than a lot of white men.  Case in point, there’s a Y & R site that I read where they do a daily newsbrief and as of late, I’ve noticed their commentary on the weight of the few women I think look like normal women on there, such as Nikki, Roxanne, and the new Abby.  For my money, Roxanne (Tatiana Ali) is perhaps the ONLY woman currently on the show that I’d actually try to holler at.  My top 5 is Roxanne, Skye, Chloe, Sharon, and Abby….but I digress (UPDATE: 7/20/2010 Sofia is my future ex-wife…holla!)

–I’m sick of seeing Neil subservient to everyone…you are the most prominent Black man in the city…where’s your ambition?  Stop trying to work for Victor or Katherine and be #1…you’re a Stanford grad, you’re more qualified than anyone else in town in terms of business…and now they’re clearly going to let Tucker take Ashley from you too.  Rashid expressed the same sentiment, but it bears repeating.

–Speaking of Neil, I guess we have come a long way in that they’re letting him date a white woman.  Others have written on this topic far more eloquently than I could, but back in the day, Neil was courting Victoria and the storyline was stopped because people complained about Genoa City’s princess being involved in an interracial relationship. Nevermind that Neil was cleaner than any other character at the time….then to top it off, right before she left, Victoria was involved with Michael, to no complaints. Michael Baldwin, who, though reformed, is a convicted rapist and sexual harrasser…yeah, much worse than the squeaky clean, loyal to a fault Neil Winters.

What’s your take on it? Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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