As a Black male who watches Y & R…

20 Jul

As a Black man who watches The Young and The Restless, I’ve come to accept certain things.  Here’s a brief list:

–Unless you’re into really skinny women, if you’re a straight Black man, you’re not going to get much titillation out of watching the show.  I’ve realized that a lot of brothers simply have different taste than a lot of white men.  Case in point, there’s a Y & R site that I read where they do a daily newsbrief and as of late, I’ve noticed their commentary on the weight of the few women I think look like normal women on there, such as Nikki, Roxanne, and the new Abby.  For my money, Roxanne (Tatiana Ali) is perhaps the ONLY woman currently on the show that I’d actually try to holler at.  My top 5 is Roxanne, Skye, Chloe, Sharon, and Abby….but I digress (UPDATE: 7/20/2010 Sofia is my future ex-wife…holla!)

–I’m sick of seeing Neil subservient to everyone…you are the most prominent Black man in the city…where’s your ambition?  Stop trying to work for Victor or Katherine and be #1…you’re a Stanford grad, you’re more qualified than anyone else in town in terms of business…and now they’re clearly going to let Tucker take Ashley from you too.  Rashid expressed the same sentiment, but it bears repeating.

–Speaking of Neil, I guess we have come a long way in that they’re letting him date a white woman.  Others have written on this topic far more eloquently than I could, but back in the day, Neil was courting Victoria and the storyline was stopped because people complained about Genoa City’s princess being involved in an interracial relationship. Nevermind that Neil was cleaner than any other character at the time….then to top it off, right before she left, Victoria was involved with Michael, to no complaints. Michael Baldwin, who, though reformed, is a convicted rapist and sexual harrasser…yeah, much worse than the squeaky clean, loyal to a fault Neil Winters.

What’s your take on it? Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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