I am showing my age, but….

23 Jul

So I watched Thursday’s episode just now, and while I applaud Y&R for going back into the vault and showing us some vintage Cricket and Nina, I just didn’t connect with it.  These characters weren’t significant parts of the show by the time I began watching.  It was interesting, yes.  And I am glad that the “Ronan as Nina’s lost son” thing came to light sooner rather than later, I can’t say that it engaged me a whole hell of a lot.

Still, I like the loyalty for past storyline.  Kudos to the writers and stuff.

I am quite different from Chris in a lot of respects when it comes to this blog.  He is truly a lifer; I’ve only been watching faithfully for about as long as I’ve been an Alpha — since ’03.  I am acquainted with most of the characters, but I am more invested in the core families and newer characters.  That’s fine, I guess, but it sometimes limits my zeal.

I also (shockingly!) am not into the boobies and cooter of Sophia Dupree as my counterpart may be.  When she’s in the bed with Malcolm, well, I’m looking at Malcolm and wishing he was Shemar Moore.

And, as I have said elsewhere, I have been a Days of Our Lives fan for much longer than I’ve been a Y&R fan and only got invested in Genoa City when things in Salem got too awful to stand.  Now I watch both.

So yes, I am showing my age in this entry — my youth — but I am still proud that Y&R is one of my “stories” and that the acting and writing is generally superb.  Soap operas are truly a dying art and I hope that Y&R can show the networks how it should be done.

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One response to “I am showing my age, but….

  1. ntiwtkot

    July 25, 2010 at 9:14 pm

    My record is spotty, though. I remember when I was really little, and I think I started watching again during the summers in 5th grade while I was going through a mid-elementary school crisis and longing for simpler days. I don’t even remember this storyline to be honest with you. The great thing about it though is that you can still follow it, even not completely knowing what it’s about.


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