In lieu of talking exclusively about yesterday…(7/27/10)

28 Jul

I’ll talk about Monday as well, because yesterday may have been the most boring episode of Y & R in a long time. I absolutely hate the Lily/Cane/Mac/JT storyline. Let me rephrase…I don’t care about the Lily/Cane/Mac/JT storyline, which is far worse. It just doesn’t move my meter and it’s been dragged on forever. They need to bring Brittany back to GC to give JT a good storyline.

On the more exciting tip, Adam sneaking Patty out on Monday and his cover story is filled with more holes than John Dillinger. Adam’s supposedly semi-blind butt can not only see schematics on an iPhone and follow a blueprint in dim light and draw a map? Not to mention crawling through the cleanest ventilation system in history without making noise that would alert anyone that someone’s in there? And no one noticed it got hot with the fan taken out? He wasn’t wearing gloves, but left no fingerprints? And considering it’s a hospital for the criminally insane, I have a hard time believing that they wouldn’t have cameras in each room or hourly check ups. Then again, the whole portrayal of the mentally ill on Y & R has troubled me, but that’s another post.

On the Abby front, I like the idea of kicking Ashley out of the house…it makes a heck of a lot of sense. I don’t like Daniel following her around like her lap dog. I liked it better when Daniel was the older, more mature one who called Abby on her BS.

Last but not least, the Ronan storyline. They need to accelerate it…i know they introduced it a while ago and then stopped, but we’ve been waiting since last summer for a payoff on this one. And of all the cases to put an undercover cop on,(is he FBI? And what federal jurisdiction is there over a dirty cop in Wisconsin case?) they assign the guy who happens to be the long-lost brother of the cop who’s trying to whistle blow? I like it for the bit of action, but again, my suspension of disbelief is being strained. Who’s coming back next, Little Nate? Actually, that’s not a bad idea. He’s one of the only kids that aged relatively naturally on the show and in real years would be 18 now, with a leap into the 20s not implausible, but I digress. I would say who would cheat on Chloe with the new mousey Heather, but you see that all the time in real life, guys cheating on their much hotter wife with someone not quite as good.

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