Cinderella, Beer Pong, Wicked Sisters, and revising my opinion on Heather (7/28/10)

29 Jul

It is always a good day when I can see my future ex-wife on Y & R. I know yesterday’s show got blasted in some quarters, but I kind of liked it as a change of pace. The actors and actresses always seem to have fun with the dream sequences, and yesterday was no exception. It was corny, but it was different. Nice touch to have Christel Khalil in her own hair for the dream sequence.

Speaking of the Winters’ Clan, thankfully, it looks like they’re winding down the cancer storyline. Hopefully, they’ll get them something interesting to do, like have the evil Austrailian ranchers get to Cane or something. On the Sofia front, I wonder what they have planned for her. She always seems like she’s up to something. My hope is that she’s as straight up as she claims to be, but something tells me they’re going to either a) Paint her as a villainess or b) Have her and Neil get together. If it keeps my future ex-wife on the show, I’m all for it! Having Roxy and Sofia in the same scene was great for the eyecandy meter.

In other news, I continue to like the interplay between Billy and Victoria, especially when he brings the kid out of her. It didn’t dawn on me until yesterday that it was Wisconsin and Central A/C might not be as ubiquitous as it is here in the giant swamp known as the DC Metro area.

Speaking of A/C, it afforded me a view of Eden Riegel as Heather I hadn’t had before. She still annoys me, but she had a sexy thing happening before she left the apartment in yesterday’s show. Part of my dislike of her was due to my crush on Vail Bloom, but I’m getting over that. In terms of actual storyline, I’m still trying to figure out Ronan. If his sole purpose for being in GC is to protect Heather, why in the bluest of hells is he out at the bar screwing around with Chloe, who was looking pretty damn hot herself? And I always thought Meeks was dirty, why would Ronan pass Heather off to Meeks of all people to cover for him? Hopefully this storyline is about to payoff in a major way.

Back to Chloe for a minute…what was she thinking? Is she in high school? Making people jealous in such a contrived way only rarely works.

Last, I’d be remiss if I didn’t mention the Jill/Lauren storyline. I loved how they had Jill mentioning that she has had a new family every 2 weeks, because it is getting a little ridiculous. I also liked Billy staying out of it. As I’ve said before, I’m a sucker for harmony, so I actually was buying it when Jill seemed like she was going to let bygones be bygones, but that got wiped out quick. I guess the turnabout’s fair play, because Lauren has been dead wrong since finding out Jill was her sister.

Not that I watch that kind of thing…

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