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The All Woman Episode…Now Sister Free! (8/31/10)

If you ever wanted evidence that the above picture is true, check out today’s episode.  It was an all women episode and they quite literally had every woman in Genoa City present (Nina and Traci weren’t there either)…except for the ones pictured above.  I guess the spa isn’t in the Colored Section.   :-/

Not that I watch that kind of thing…

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Vintage Victor Newman and evil bartenders

This isn’t a true episode recap because I’m going to focus primarily on the Victor renaissance, but I’d be remiss if I didn’t point out the lunacy and pure evil of Meggie, the evil bartender.  If Victor really wanted to help her, give her money to go to Patty Williams plastic surgeon to get a new face and a new life.  But turning Nikki back into an alcoholic is not cool.  At least they’re giving her a storyline though…for a while after the contract dispute, she was a non-entity, limited to drinking tea with Kay.

Now onto the main point of the post…The Great Victor Newman.  Victor the last two days was vintage Victor, the one who’s always on top and in control.  His scenes with Adam were the payoff for all his past year of un-Victor like behavior.  It reminded me of my favorite moment from The Score, when it became apparent that Robert DeNiro’s character had beaten Edward Norton’s character.  Added points for the delightful camp of “That’s the problem with this young generation…no respect” (if you want to skip straight to it, go to 2:25).  I love Michael as Victor’s consigliere as well.  I also liked Victor’s interplay with Billy on Monday’s episode.  The amusement on his face and the way he didn’t fly off the handle when Victoria said they bought a house (I wouldn’t think there’d be a problem anyway…she’s 50 times married and about 40 years old) was cool, the defining characteristic of Victor Newman.

All of this made me think of a storyline that was never mentioned again, but was easily Eric Braeden’s most powerful performance, when he met his father.  The range of emotions he showed in these scenes was amazing.  Your heart went out to him when his father offers him a check to get out of his life, but if you ever want to know why Victor Newman is the way he is and why he talks about family so much, check these scenes out.  Keep in mind that this storyline occurred with the backdrop of Victor and Nick at their lowest point…Nick had just turned Victor into the Feds for Commercial Bribery.  Revisiting this storyline would be apropos for whenever they redeem Adam and reunite him with the family.

Not that I watch that kind of thing…

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Daytime Confidential is reporting that some shady ish is going on behind the scenes at Y&R!  Check it out!


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The 5 hottest women on Y & R right now

Obviously, this is going to go by my personal taste, so your list may not be the same as mine…I encourage you to post yours in the comment section.  I’m going to go primarily by the character and not the actress, as the presentation we see on tv often isn’t the actress’ choice (ref: Blue Eyeshadow gate).  In no particular order, because I’m commitment phobic…

Eden Riegel as Heather Stevens

This one may surprise you, as I’ve been kind of down on her in the past.  However, in the words of the great philosopher Tron Carter .  She’s grown on me…it looks like they’ve made a conscious decision to make her look her age rather than 15 like she did when she first came on.  I’m a lookin’ and I’m a liking!  Plus she’s a DC girl, which is always a plus in my book.

Elizabeth Hendrickson as Chloe Mitchell

I’ve been a fan of Chloe for a while, though her character has changed completely from the one who once lived with Devon and only ate Tofu and crap like that.  She still has a lot of sass, but it’s been tempered with sweetness.   Plus she’s gorgeous!

Tatiana Ali as Roxanne “Y & R doesn’t invest in storylines involving people of color enough to even give the girl a last name”

Come on son…do I really need to explain this one?  At 33 now, I was 13 when Tatyana was little cute Ashley Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, with her crush on Little Tevin Campbell, who was just not into her.  Before The Fresh Prince was over, she was a full grown, beautiful woman.  She’s been on Y & R for damn near 3 years now, but she has no last name and the process server gets more screen time than her, but she’s still fine as frog’s hair.

And now, a special word from our sponsor…

On with the rest of the top 5….

Marcy Rylan as Abby Newman

There’s some women who look better just because of the sex appeal they exude.  To avoid feeling R Kelly-ish, I have to forget that 3 months ago, Abby was 14-15 years old and sneaking food to Ryder.   Marcy Rylan makes it easy to forget.  Now that they’ve toned her down and made her less of a one dimensional character, she’s even better than at first.

Last but not least…

You know I couldn’t do this without including my future ex wife!

Julia Pace Mitchell as Sofia Dupre

I’m disappointed, but not surprised they haven’t featured her more, but you know I love some Julia Pace Mitchell.  She is a change of pace from any other woman on the show.  She’s the reason for the disclaimer, because some days, it’s obvious that the people behind the scenes who dress and make up JPM have no idea what to do with her.  She looked amazing today, though.  My hope is that she can be on long enough to get enough clout to dictate long enough, but quite frankly, I don’t have any faith in this writing staff when it comes to people of color.  It’s like the Winters live in some far off part of Genoa City no where near anyone else, and only Lily and Cane are allowed to interact with others…but I digress.

…Not that I watch that kind of thing

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Victor comes to Jesus and You Got Served! (8/16/10)

Today’s episode was all about Adam’s lawsuit and everyone’s post-mortem of Friday’s episode.  I differ slightly from my esteemed brother and colleague, both about today and Friday.  Friday wasn’t too bad for me, only because I’m a sucker for a backstory.  If someone just started watching Y & R and saw Friday’s episode, they would know EXACTLY why everyone hates Adam.  It just felt more than a little sleazy to me to re-shoot the Chris Engen scenes with Michael Muhney, and it REALLY hit home when they re-shot the scene with Adam and Heather being portrayed by Michael Muhney and Eden Riegel.  Chris Engen and the ultra-hot (though her character was annoying) Vail Bloom had great chemistry.  It just wasn’t the same when Michael Muhney took over, and it really didn’t click with Michael Muhney and Eden Riegel.  I don’t blame Michael Muhney, but I think it was just a bad decision to re-shoot the scenes.  Michael Muhney has made Adam his own, and he is in a different place than Adam was when Chris Engen was portraying him.  Some of the re-shot scenes had a different feel than the original, especially when Adam came to Victor’s office and accepted the job.  By the way, I guess they completely ret-conned the whole plot a few years ago when Victor got a call from Hope to search for “Vic” in Sri Lanka a few years back.  I don’t know when he would have time to get lost getting his MBA and college degree.

Regarding today, I’m amazed by the wonderful gall of Adam to sue the members of the Kangaroo Court.  They made a great point about Adam suing Ashley for mental anguish after he gaslighted her and inadvertently killed her baby.  I agree with Rashid about Traci, she has definitely filled in the John Abbott role.  She needs to stay in New York so as to avoid the taint of her degenerate family.

The scene where Hope asked Victor to pray was short, but great and significant.  If they could have worked that scene into the episode several months ago where Victor prayed in the chapel, it would have made the significance much more evident.  The one thing I think  Y & R does is that they don’t show enough why Victor got with Hope or how much their relationship affected him.  Hope made Victor want to be a better man, and he always had a soft spot for her.  Y & R does a great job of mentioning the past, but if they emphasized certain parts of Victor in particular better, his evolution would be even more evident, i.e., the episodes back in ’03 when Victor’s father was sick and Victor took Nick to see him.  If you ever had questions about Victor at all, they were answered in those episodes.

The process server made some serious loot today.  He was quite literally in every scene.  It reminded me of Don’t Be a Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, where Keenan Ivory Wayans popped up periodically throughout the movie to say “MESSAGE!”  whenever a ham-handed cliché from hood movies was portrayed.   The process server gets more screen time on Y & R than some of the main cast!

Not that I Watch That Kind of Thing…

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OMG they made me cry a little (8-16-10)

So…. I can’t lie, I am your typical emotional Cancer male.  And maybe I was just having a rough day, but today’s episode really pulled at my heartstrings.  Y&R typically doesn’t do that for me.

I’ve always relied on Days of Our Lives to tell the family oriented tales and Y&R was more about corporate espionage and complicated business and legal stories.  Even when it was family-oriented, it often came down to probate law.  (Katherine and Jill’s current living arrangement being an example.)

But today, Y&R flipped the script on me and told a solid story about families and relationships.

It’s always a treat when Traci Abbott comes to town — she’s clearly the family’s moral center.  And it made sense that she kept Jack on the straight and narrow.  Poor, revenge-minded Jack who can never catch a break against any Newman.  I especially liked how she was there for her sister Ashley, even toward the end as Ashley saw her incoming call from Tucker.  (Tucker has been kicking ass lately — loved how he said “Right on” to Jack.)

Loved the scenes with Victoria and Billy, of course.  I even liked them with Rafe and fakeHeather.  In fact, I need to see more of Rafe and fakeHeather together as friends.  She seems like less of a wimp when she’s around him for some reason.  Much more like a real person and not a helpless victim.

Kinder, gentler Victor can kick rocks, but I liked how Nikki tried to bait him into being himself again.  Everything she said was spot-on.

For a split second, I thought Adam and Vance had planned some sort of divorce proceedings against Skye behind her back.  But the civil lawsuit was probably a stroke of genius.  Adam is evil — of course he would sue them.

But the BEST part of the episode was a scene which I fully expected from Friday, but never happened:  Adam is dreaming of himself as a child with his mother.  Suddenly, the child turns around and it’s really Richard Hightower’s son.  Hope then starts screaming at adult Adam…. gosh, it was fuckin awesome.  Adam, of course, wakes up in a cold sweat.

The final montage was wonderful, too.  Even though that song hella annoys me (that Hallelujah song) it was perfectly placed, reminding us all that everyone in this show is connected to somebody else, through the bonds of family, love, affection.

It was great.  I was moved.

Not that I watch that kind of thing…

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WTFriday (8-13-10)

This episode really pissed me off!  The soap opera magazines had been talking about the return of Hope for weeks and all they did was freakin reshoot her death scenes with Michael Muhney (the current Adam, rather than the old one).

What a rip-off!  The only saving grace was the last scene at the end where Martha Kent sends her son Clark to Metropolis Hope sends Adam to the big city and admonishes him to do the right thing.  That was cute and I thought I would see more of that.

The recounting of all of Adam’s misdeeds was okay.  But it wasn’t… right.  Something was off about it.  Maybe because it tried to be too sympathetic?  I dunno.

But I can’t lie – that courtroom decision seemed perfect.  Not because we *need* Adam on the show, but because it shows his true diabolical genius.  It’s as though he knew the law inside and out in advance.  I liked what the judge said.  It finally acknowledges that everyone in Genoa City thinks they can put the law in their own hands.

And you know what?  If they had never tried that kangaroo court thing, Richard Hightower might have never been killed.

Sidenote, this Heather will always be the fake Heather.  Look at Skye.  Look at Sharon.  Look at RealHeather.  Now look at fake Heather.  Right.  Thought so.

Overall, this episode did what it was supposed to do, which was make Adam more sympathetic.  But I disliked how they promoted Hope’s return when she really added very little to the story.

Boo, Y&R.  Boo you straight to hell.

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