Yesterday’s episode was MONEY! 8/13/10

13 Aug

I believe in Owen Pomerantz

When I was younger, it seemed like they always formatted soaps to have all the major stuff happen on Friday.  That’s long since fallen by the wayside.  We got the payoff on several longtime angles yesterday, hopefully in a set-up for today’s episode.  Here’s what we know:

–Owen Pomerantz is definitively a bad guy, just as Victor and the Newman’s said.  I suspect his motive will be political ambition as they’ve been hinting, with the high profile witchhunts and the drug thing just ways for him to look like the Genoa City version of Harvey Dent.  It’s entirely possible or maybe even probable that he is Richard Hightower’s killer.  Regardless, it leaves major plot holes.  For instance, why bother to reinstate Heather? 

–Speaking of plot holes, yesterday’s episode filled in one minor one.  I questioned a couple of weeks ago why Ronan would leave Heather with Meeks, who’s looked dirty ever since he first appeared.  Apparently, Ronan and Christine have no clue that he’s dirty, or at least didn’t when Ronan left Heather in his care. 

–With Chloe making the connection on the birthdays, it appears that Ronan’s identity will be learned sooner than later. 

–We see a little bit of trouble in paradise for Malcolm and my future ex-wife Sofia.  For the record, Malcolm went out like a punk by acquiescing to the condo.  I hope they go in a different direction, but all the hostility and tension with Neil and Sofia makes it look like they’re going to do the eventual tired “Neil and Malcolm want the same woman” storyline. 

–I’ve written in the past about Neil starting his own thing and not working for anyone, but if he has to work for someone, I’d rather it be Victor than Tucker.  On a slightly unrelated note, the writing staff is so schizophrenic with Victor…at times, he’s still vintage Victor (a la the brilliant pre-emptive strike and the cool way he laughed at Tucker..gamesmanship 101) but he also does stuff that’s completely out of character, like not blowing up at Nikki when she takes on Shaw.

–I hope they’re turning a corner with Abby and Traci’s magical talk gets her head together.

–Nina forgave Paul and Cricket wayyyyyyy too easily.  If it were that easy in real life, I’d…nevermind! 🙂

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