WTFriday (8-13-10)

14 Aug

This episode really pissed me off!  The soap opera magazines had been talking about the return of Hope for weeks and all they did was freakin reshoot her death scenes with Michael Muhney (the current Adam, rather than the old one).

What a rip-off!  The only saving grace was the last scene at the end where Martha Kent sends her son Clark to Metropolis Hope sends Adam to the big city and admonishes him to do the right thing.  That was cute and I thought I would see more of that.

The recounting of all of Adam’s misdeeds was okay.  But it wasn’t… right.  Something was off about it.  Maybe because it tried to be too sympathetic?  I dunno.

But I can’t lie – that courtroom decision seemed perfect.  Not because we *need* Adam on the show, but because it shows his true diabolical genius.  It’s as though he knew the law inside and out in advance.  I liked what the judge said.  It finally acknowledges that everyone in Genoa City thinks they can put the law in their own hands.

And you know what?  If they had never tried that kangaroo court thing, Richard Hightower might have never been killed.

Sidenote, this Heather will always be the fake Heather.  Look at Skye.  Look at Sharon.  Look at RealHeather.  Now look at fake Heather.  Right.  Thought so.

Overall, this episode did what it was supposed to do, which was make Adam more sympathetic.  But I disliked how they promoted Hope’s return when she really added very little to the story.

Boo, Y&R.  Boo you straight to hell.

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