OMG they made me cry a little (8-16-10)

16 Aug

So…. I can’t lie, I am your typical emotional Cancer male.  And maybe I was just having a rough day, but today’s episode really pulled at my heartstrings.  Y&R typically doesn’t do that for me.

I’ve always relied on Days of Our Lives to tell the family oriented tales and Y&R was more about corporate espionage and complicated business and legal stories.  Even when it was family-oriented, it often came down to probate law.  (Katherine and Jill’s current living arrangement being an example.)

But today, Y&R flipped the script on me and told a solid story about families and relationships.

It’s always a treat when Traci Abbott comes to town — she’s clearly the family’s moral center.  And it made sense that she kept Jack on the straight and narrow.  Poor, revenge-minded Jack who can never catch a break against any Newman.  I especially liked how she was there for her sister Ashley, even toward the end as Ashley saw her incoming call from Tucker.  (Tucker has been kicking ass lately — loved how he said “Right on” to Jack.)

Loved the scenes with Victoria and Billy, of course.  I even liked them with Rafe and fakeHeather.  In fact, I need to see more of Rafe and fakeHeather together as friends.  She seems like less of a wimp when she’s around him for some reason.  Much more like a real person and not a helpless victim.

Kinder, gentler Victor can kick rocks, but I liked how Nikki tried to bait him into being himself again.  Everything she said was spot-on.

For a split second, I thought Adam and Vance had planned some sort of divorce proceedings against Skye behind her back.  But the civil lawsuit was probably a stroke of genius.  Adam is evil — of course he would sue them.

But the BEST part of the episode was a scene which I fully expected from Friday, but never happened:  Adam is dreaming of himself as a child with his mother.  Suddenly, the child turns around and it’s really Richard Hightower’s son.  Hope then starts screaming at adult Adam…. gosh, it was fuckin awesome.  Adam, of course, wakes up in a cold sweat.

The final montage was wonderful, too.  Even though that song hella annoys me (that Hallelujah song) it was perfectly placed, reminding us all that everyone in this show is connected to somebody else, through the bonds of family, love, affection.

It was great.  I was moved.

Not that I watch that kind of thing…

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