Victor comes to Jesus and You Got Served! (8/16/10)

16 Aug

Today’s episode was all about Adam’s lawsuit and everyone’s post-mortem of Friday’s episode.  I differ slightly from my esteemed brother and colleague, both about today and Friday.  Friday wasn’t too bad for me, only because I’m a sucker for a backstory.  If someone just started watching Y & R and saw Friday’s episode, they would know EXACTLY why everyone hates Adam.  It just felt more than a little sleazy to me to re-shoot the Chris Engen scenes with Michael Muhney, and it REALLY hit home when they re-shot the scene with Adam and Heather being portrayed by Michael Muhney and Eden Riegel.  Chris Engen and the ultra-hot (though her character was annoying) Vail Bloom had great chemistry.  It just wasn’t the same when Michael Muhney took over, and it really didn’t click with Michael Muhney and Eden Riegel.  I don’t blame Michael Muhney, but I think it was just a bad decision to re-shoot the scenes.  Michael Muhney has made Adam his own, and he is in a different place than Adam was when Chris Engen was portraying him.  Some of the re-shot scenes had a different feel than the original, especially when Adam came to Victor’s office and accepted the job.  By the way, I guess they completely ret-conned the whole plot a few years ago when Victor got a call from Hope to search for “Vic” in Sri Lanka a few years back.  I don’t know when he would have time to get lost getting his MBA and college degree.

Regarding today, I’m amazed by the wonderful gall of Adam to sue the members of the Kangaroo Court.  They made a great point about Adam suing Ashley for mental anguish after he gaslighted her and inadvertently killed her baby.  I agree with Rashid about Traci, she has definitely filled in the John Abbott role.  She needs to stay in New York so as to avoid the taint of her degenerate family.

The scene where Hope asked Victor to pray was short, but great and significant.  If they could have worked that scene into the episode several months ago where Victor prayed in the chapel, it would have made the significance much more evident.  The one thing I think  Y & R does is that they don’t show enough why Victor got with Hope or how much their relationship affected him.  Hope made Victor want to be a better man, and he always had a soft spot for her.  Y & R does a great job of mentioning the past, but if they emphasized certain parts of Victor in particular better, his evolution would be even more evident, i.e., the episodes back in ’03 when Victor’s father was sick and Victor took Nick to see him.  If you ever had questions about Victor at all, they were answered in those episodes.

The process server made some serious loot today.  He was quite literally in every scene.  It reminded me of Don’t Be a Menace To South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood, where Keenan Ivory Wayans popped up periodically throughout the movie to say “MESSAGE!”  whenever a ham-handed cliché from hood movies was portrayed.   The process server gets more screen time on Y & R than some of the main cast!

Not that I Watch That Kind of Thing…

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