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Just once, can Jack win?

I’m with my DMV brethren, Peter Bergman…Jack Abbott NEEDS to best Victor, just once.  It’s like the Red Sox pre-2004.  You know that whenever Jack goes against Victor, he’s going down more spectacularly than Karrine Steffans.  When I have more time, I’ll run down the list of Victor owning Jack, but couldn’t the writers have had Jack pull the money out first?  It would have made Jack more interesting to see him on top, and given Victor an adversity storyline.  There are more possibilities with that story…maybe you have Victor lose the lawsuit too and really have to start all over again.  Instead, we get the latest iteration of a story that has repeated myriad times over the past 25 years.

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For those who want to see more Sofia….

or have other issues to bring up to Y & R, here’s the contact info…

Barbara Bloom is the Senior VP of Daytime Programming for CBS EMAIL ADDRESS:

Steve Kent Senior Executive Vice President Programming for Sony Pictures Television EMAIL ADDRESS:

…Write to Maria Bell, executive producer of Y&R at, or go directly to the CBS website and send it in directly from to the attention of Maria Bell. ThanksSee More

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No country for rapists….

aka Daniel Romalotti

I’m having some serious heartburn about yesterday’s episode.  Poor Daniel has had the worst year ever.  First, he gets a murder pinned on him, then his wife leaves him because he wasn’t trying to be a father to the man who set him up’s son, and now he is about to be a father due not to irresponsibility or some good loving, but because a psychopath drugged him.

Let’s be clear, since Y & R seems to refuse to use the word…DANIEL WAS RAPED BY DAISY.  Her demonspawn daughter is the product of a rape.  While I agree that the child is innocent, all these people telling Daniel he’ll regret not having his daughter in his life or making him feel like he’s not taking care of his responsibilities if he runs need to go jump in a lake.

The legal system is seriously biased against men, especially in terms of custody and the like.  Y & R has an opportunity to bring this issue to light, but I doubt they’ll make it serious like they did with Devon’s cochlear implants, Lily’s Chlamydia, Victor’s strokes, etc.   If the shoe were on the other foot and a woman were impregnated by a rapist, it would be treated differently.  The man who left her would be looked at with disdain…Abby got completely absolved.

I’m really tempted to write the producers…this situation doesn’t sit right with me.

Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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What My ‘Home By The Sea’ Means To Me. (via The Daily Stride Blog)

Another non-Y & R post, but I have to send a shout out to the real HU Hampton University and this wonderful piece on why we love our “Home By The Sea”

What My 'Home By The Sea' Means To Me. ***The outpouring of love that this piece has received is amazing – thank you!  It’s a true testament to the love that we all share for this special place*** A couple of days ago I sat down and attempted to put pen to paper to fully describe what Hampton University means to me.  In a succinct essay I wanted to express my feelings for the school, the magnitude of the experience, and the implications that the experience had on my life.  After I loo … Read More

via The Daily Stride Blog

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Jack Abbott


So I’m leaving my frat meeting at Prince George’s Community College in Maryland and I see this  bulletin board for the PGCC Alumni Association and who should I see but Jack Abbott, aka Peter Bergman!  I never knew he had any DMV roots…good stuff.

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Ode to Skye

A couple of months ago, I did the top 5 hottest women on Y & R right now.  I need to update it, because clearly I missed my girl Skye.  In limited screen time, they’ve made Skye one of the most intriguing characters on the show.  I wish they’d do the same for my future ex-wife Julia Pace Mitchell (Sofia), but I digress.  On one hand, she’s a cold, conniving golddigger who’s just about dough.  But her dalliance with Jack and especially getting stuck on the elevator withVictor showed a vulnerable woman who really just wants to be loved and appreciated.  They could go so many directions if they keep her around

  •  have Adam legitimately fall in love with her
  • have Nick fall in love with her
  • have Victor fall in love with her
  • develop a backstory about her thing for older men and create an abusive father situation that made her so cold and calculating

While the writing and character development for Skye has been excellent, it would go all for naught if the absolutely gorgeous Laura Stone couldn’t act.  Fortunately, she’s done an excellent job of making the character come alive.  I think she’s supposed to be a villainess, but she has a great vulnerability about her that makes you never hate her, even when she’s (justifiably) chewing Adam out.  Contrast that with Meggie (not the actress’ fault, but she has no layers) and Daisy (who could legitimately have a sympathetic story, but Yvonne Zima sucks in the role).  I’d love to see her stick around, but I fear that when she and Adam break up, they’ll be sending her away for the foreseeable future…and then who knows if they bring Laura Stone back in the role.

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Random thoughts: Daisy the rapist is back…and she STILL can’t act!

Yeah, yeah…I haven’t posted in a while, but I had to get on this one.  Back in the dark days known as the summer of 2010, Y & R, obviously pinched by the recession, decided to have not one, but two storylines involving evil surgically-altered “twins.”  The situation was made worse by the horrid acting of Yvonne Zima, whose porn-quality performances as Daisy made a ridiculous storyline even worse.  Now she’s back and claiming that her drugged minute of passion (unless they do a serious retcon, they were literally in bed for a minute and there was no way there could have been any sexual contact) with Daniel led to her sithspawn.  I’m not an advocate of abortion, but that baby has no chance of being a well adjusted human being…the mother and the grandmother are both psychopaths.  And what court would make a man who was raped responsible for the product of that rape?

In other thoughts, the Meggie storyline mercifully ended today.  This storyline irked me because it was unconscionable to have someone manipulate a drunk into falling off the wagon.  But as the big reveal was done today, it made me recall another of Sean Young’s reveal scenes…


In other news, bon voyage to Mac and JT.  I hated the pairing of Mac (Clementine Ford) and Billy (Billy Miller), but the pairing with JT had more chemistry to me.  Clementine Ford was finally making the role her own and had just hit her stride prior to the wedding and leaving.

Last random thought…now that they’ve largely dispensed with the Naked Heiress crap, I’ve grown to like Abby’s character.  They’ve given her depth, intelligence, and dimensions.

‘Til next time…not that I watch that kind of thing

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