Random thoughts: Daisy the rapist is back…and she STILL can’t act!

08 Nov

Yeah, yeah…I haven’t posted in a while, but I had to get on this one.  Back in the dark days known as the summer of 2010, Y & R, obviously pinched by the recession, decided to have not one, but two storylines involving evil surgically-altered “twins.”  The situation was made worse by the horrid acting of Yvonne Zima, whose porn-quality performances as Daisy made a ridiculous storyline even worse.  Now she’s back and claiming that her drugged minute of passion (unless they do a serious retcon, they were literally in bed for a minute and there was no way there could have been any sexual contact) with Daniel led to her sithspawn.  I’m not an advocate of abortion, but that baby has no chance of being a well adjusted human being…the mother and the grandmother are both psychopaths.  And what court would make a man who was raped responsible for the product of that rape?

In other thoughts, the Meggie storyline mercifully ended today.  This storyline irked me because it was unconscionable to have someone manipulate a drunk into falling off the wagon.  But as the big reveal was done today, it made me recall another of Sean Young’s reveal scenes…


In other news, bon voyage to Mac and JT.  I hated the pairing of Mac (Clementine Ford) and Billy (Billy Miller), but the pairing with JT had more chemistry to me.  Clementine Ford was finally making the role her own and had just hit her stride prior to the wedding and leaving.

Last random thought…now that they’ve largely dispensed with the Naked Heiress crap, I’ve grown to like Abby’s character.  They’ve given her depth, intelligence, and dimensions.

‘Til next time…not that I watch that kind of thing

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