Ode to Skye

10 Nov

A couple of months ago, I did the top 5 hottest women on Y & R right now.  I need to update it, because clearly I missed my girl Skye.  In limited screen time, they’ve made Skye one of the most intriguing characters on the show.  I wish they’d do the same for my future ex-wife Julia Pace Mitchell (Sofia), but I digress.  On one hand, she’s a cold, conniving golddigger who’s just about dough.  But her dalliance with Jack and especially getting stuck on the elevator withVictor showed a vulnerable woman who really just wants to be loved and appreciated.  They could go so many directions if they keep her around

  •  have Adam legitimately fall in love with her
  • have Nick fall in love with her
  • have Victor fall in love with her
  • develop a backstory about her thing for older men and create an abusive father situation that made her so cold and calculating

While the writing and character development for Skye has been excellent, it would go all for naught if the absolutely gorgeous Laura Stone couldn’t act.  Fortunately, she’s done an excellent job of making the character come alive.  I think she’s supposed to be a villainess, but she has a great vulnerability about her that makes you never hate her, even when she’s (justifiably) chewing Adam out.  Contrast that with Meggie (not the actress’ fault, but she has no layers) and Daisy (who could legitimately have a sympathetic story, but Yvonne Zima sucks in the role).  I’d love to see her stick around, but I fear that when she and Adam break up, they’ll be sending her away for the foreseeable future…and then who knows if they bring Laura Stone back in the role.

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