No country for rapists….

17 Nov

aka Daniel Romalotti

I’m having some serious heartburn about yesterday’s episode.  Poor Daniel has had the worst year ever.  First, he gets a murder pinned on him, then his wife leaves him because he wasn’t trying to be a father to the man who set him up’s son, and now he is about to be a father due not to irresponsibility or some good loving, but because a psychopath drugged him.

Let’s be clear, since Y & R seems to refuse to use the word…DANIEL WAS RAPED BY DAISY.  Her demonspawn daughter is the product of a rape.  While I agree that the child is innocent, all these people telling Daniel he’ll regret not having his daughter in his life or making him feel like he’s not taking care of his responsibilities if he runs need to go jump in a lake.

The legal system is seriously biased against men, especially in terms of custody and the like.  Y & R has an opportunity to bring this issue to light, but I doubt they’ll make it serious like they did with Devon’s cochlear implants, Lily’s Chlamydia, Victor’s strokes, etc.   If the shoe were on the other foot and a woman were impregnated by a rapist, it would be treated differently.  The man who left her would be looked at with disdain…Abby got completely absolved.

I’m really tempted to write the producers…this situation doesn’t sit right with me.

Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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Posted by on November 17, 2010 in Episode Commentary, Gumbo


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