Big News!

08 Dec

To my dozens and dozens of readers…(who am I kidding…even that’s an exagerration)

This blog has been fun to do, in spite of sometimes feeling like I’m talking to myself only.  Well, I’m about to take talking to myself to a new level!

  1. The blog has a new dedicated e-mail address
  2. We’ve had the Facebook page for a while, but in order to get a snazzy short address, I need 25 people to “like” the page…ask a friend, please!  Go to
  3. I’ve started a twitter page, though I admit, I hate twitter.  Follow us at
  4. And for the biggest news of all….

Now I’ll be able to literally talk to myself.  I’ve started a new blog talkradio show.  For half an hour on Sunday evenings, you can listen to me blather about Y & R, music, etc.  You’ll be able to call in as well.   For more info on the radio show, go to  The first episode will be Sunday, December 19 from 3:30-4:00pm. 

Please tell a friend!

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