Intriguing loose ends…

08 Dec

I saw on Restless Style Fan Edition on Facebook (good group…check it out!) that it was suggested that maybe Phyllis is really Sheila from the plastic surgery incident in 2007 and that’s why she wants Daisy to move in with her.  That would be mindblowing, and not entirely out of the realm of possibility.  Some other loose ends on Y & R, and how they could be used…

  • The “Death” of Dru: Obviously, they never found Dru’s body so they could have the possibility of bringing her back.  Given Victoria Rowell’s very visible crusade for equality on Y & R, I don’t see them bringing her back…and if they recast her, that could be a disaster
  • Phyllis running down Paul and murdering two other witnesses to her switching the paternity tests for Daniel: Every time I think that there’s no way to redeem Adam, I think about how Phyllis at one point tried to kill Paul and rendered his Mr. Happy impotent and how she murdered a doctor and a lab tech who could have given away Phyllis’ secrets regarding Daniel’s paternity away.  It’s rarely mentioned, and though she’s interacted with Paul numerous times, it’s never come out that it was her that did it.
  • Adam’s (“Vic” at the time) sojourn in Sri Lanka:  Granted, there’s not much they could do with this one, but few remember that about a year or less before Adam came back to Genoa City as the character we know, Victor went to Sri Lanka to try to find him.  The picture of someone hiking in Sri Lanka doesn’t really jive with the Adam character at all.
  • Adam’s blindness:  Just explain that his sight miraculously returned, but pretending that Adam is semi-blind, but can somehow go to unfamiliar places alone without nary a bump into a wall without an explanation is maddening.
  • Richard Hightower’s murder:  Going with the scenario from the lead paragraph, what if “Phyllis” was the one who killed Richard Hightower?  Or Daisy?  It seems that they’ve completely dropped that, but they need to have closure on the incident if they intend on keeping Adam on the show.
  • Summer’s Paternity:  They can always bring this back up way later, but Nick was the only one who saw Summer’s paternity test results…then he caught amnesia.  It’s completely possible that Summer is Jack’s daughter and Nick said it was his to stay with Phyllis, maybe intending to tell Jack later.  Once he had the plane crash and lost his memory of the preceding two years, he never regained his memories as much as he accepted his current reality as told to him.
  • Little Nate: If Y & R ever wanted to devote resources to developing it’s black characters, Nate could be a good place to start.  The only character in history to ever age naturally, Little Nate should be in his early 20s legitimately now and he’s in medical school.  Bring him back and make him a centerpiece of a new, stronger Winters clan. 
  • Brittany and her child: Brittany hasn’t been seen since Bobby Marsino died, but she could add an intriguing element to the Billy/Victoria romance

I know I couldn’t have named them all…what loose ends would you like to see Y & R bring back?  Not that I watch that kind of thing….


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2 responses to “Intriguing loose ends…

  1. Grace Noble

    December 12, 2010 at 9:20 pm

    I’m still waiting for Kevin to remember he has that supposedly “mysterious” key that belonged to Terrible Tom Fisher and wondering if he will ever go in search of what it opens.

    Also, will Jana recall that she has/had a father who has been m.i.a. for years now? And will she ever discover that Daddy was done in by Paul’s powerful thighs when he and Victor were investigating the whole reliquary mess in the Czech Republic?

    Speaking of Paul, will he ever explain what’s become of his mother? She’s been on more cruises than Captain Steubing, and it makes no sense at all that she would have let her long-lost daughter Patty go through that she did last year without offering her support (and some of her infamous spare ribs and sauerkraut).

    Perhaps while Mary was at sea she may have run into Mamie Johnson, the Abbott’s former housekeeper. She was in love with John decades ago and Jill gave her one million dollars to leave town. Since then, the only time she’s been mentioned is when Olivia Winters makes an annual appearance and says that Aunt Mamie can’t make it for Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, weddings, etc. because she’s on a cruise. I want to know what she invested that money in because it ought to be long-gone after all the time she’s spent at sea.

    Going further back, will Michael ever feel the heat for killing a woman who tried to blackmail him during his obsessive campaign to win over Christine? Now that he’s a paragon of virtue his past seems to have been erased.

    Oh, and since we’ve had Sheila’s ghastly twins forced onto us, will we ever find out what happened to her eldest daughter, Mary, and the baby she had with Massimo Marone while living in LA (and appearing on “The Bold and the Beautiful”)?

    The list goes on and on….

    • ntiwtkot

      December 13, 2010 at 11:06 am

      Good points all. I had forgotten about Michael killing the woman. I often wondered about Aunt Mamie and Mary Williams too…they even dug up Father Todd to help Patty, but not her mother or even her father….that would have been interesting to see Carl coming back to help his daughter in need.


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