Voices of Reason on Y & R

08 Dec

In the insanity that is Genoa City right now, I wanted to highlight three voices of reason right now on Y & R.

1.  Nick Newman-Nick’s character’s always at his worst with Sharon.  However, his contention that he needs to get custody of his kids is spot on.  Sharon is not stable and makes horrible decisions.  Left to her own devices, she would soon make Adam the stepfather of the baby he kidnapped.  To quote the great Aldo Raine, “Now that I can’t abide.”

2.  Daniel Romalotti-I hated Daniel when he was first SORASed.  He was portrayed as a scheming punk.  He’s grown much since then, and he seems to be the only one who (rightly!) thinks that it’s insane that he should have any responsibility for the child that was produced when Daisy raped him.  Daniel’s focus is where his mother’s focus should be, on his little sister.

3. Noah Newman-I liked Kevin Schmidt as Noah, so I wasn’t a fan of the recasting at first.  However, Luke Kleintank has done an admirable job and stands out as another voice of reason, just as Kevin Schmidt did.  The Noah character seems to always see things through the eyes of the viewer and asks the questions you would ask if you were in a scene.

4. Lauren Fenmore: I hesitated to add her to the list, because she vacillates between voice of reason and batshit crazy.   However, she’s dead on with being mad at Phyllis about the Daisy thing.  And you’d be crazy too if you’d been through all the crap that she has been…

Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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