We all know a Sharon….

08 Dec

Sharon’s idiodacy has taken center stage this week, standing by the man who kidnapped her baby.  Pardon my French, but WHAT THE FUDGE?    Initially, I thought that Sharon was an unrealistic character.  I was aghast at some of the reactions at people online, saying that Nick is wrong for trying to take the kids and how Sharon’s a good mother.  No folks, Sharon is not a good mother.  A good mother (or better yet parent) doesn’t:

  • abandon to go “find herself” in Denver for several months, sleep with a sadistic killer who beats her within an inch of your life
  • steal
  • mercilessly browbeat her then-husband for his indiscretion, disregarding the fact that she cheated on him numerous times with multiple people, including his father
  • marry her ex-husband’s brother
  • go back to said brother AFTER realizing that he convinced you your child died at birth, only to find he had given the baby to your then step-mother in law and passed it off as her own because he caused her to have a miscarriage
  • abandon your family again to find yourself

Then it dawned on me why so many people, women in particular, are defending Sharon and rooting for her and Adam…because we all know someone like Sharon.  Your girlfriend or wife has that one friend who seems to revel in dysfunction and makes constant WTF decisions.  Women like having this friend in their life, because it provides you a constant reminder of how relatively sane she is. 

To top it off, Sharon hasn’t worked since the days as a  Beauty of Nature Spokesmodel…does that mean she’s using Nick’s money to pay for his mortal enemy’s legal defense?  For what it’s worth, we all know Adam is being set up, so technically, she’s right about his innocence in this matter.  But karma dictates that this has to happen…he’s done more than enough nefarious acts to declare that any time in jail would be justice.  It’s horrible writing again on behalf of the staff, as they’ve obviously created this scenario. to give Adam the path to redemption about which I’ve often talked.  Adam, however, will never be fully accepted until he pays for his crimes, at the very least exonerating him of the Richard Hightower murder.

Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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