Y & R Presents: Smackdown! (12/10/10-12/11/10)

14 Dec

There’s something you don’t know about me, Joe Rogan. (c) Tyrone Biggums

I watch wrestling.  Not like I did in the 90s, mind you.  Back then, I couldn’t miss a show.  Now, if it’s on, I’ll watch it, but more than anything, it all just feels kind of been there, done that.  I mention this all because wrestling is often called soap operas for men.  (sidebar:  I think I’m going to have to do a post on wrestling and soaps similarities at some point)

I bring all this up because, funny enough, wrestling and The Young and The Restless coincided on Friday’s episode!  We had not one, not two, but three fights!  It was an entertaining episode that felt like a bit of a payoff on a show that has seemed to underwhelm on payoffs as of late.   Before I go into my thoughts on the fights, I must address two things: 

  • Jana…you’re an attractive girl, with a sexy British accent.  Move on….you’re stalkerish now and you’re making a deal with the psycho rapist who imprisoned you and actually caused you to lose Kevin in the first place by denying you medical attention for your anyuerism.  Just stop.
  • Mrs. Chancellor asking Sharon if she was stupid was MONEY! 

Now, onto the Royal Rumble:

  1. Daniel vs. Kevin in a First Blood Match: Former best friends collide as “Crazy” Kevin Fisher squares off with “The Italian Stallion” Daniel Romalotti. Daniel, already in an emotionally damaged place after the rejection by Abby, goes to GloWorm and gets into it with Kevin over his plan to adopt the product of Daniel’s rape by Daisy.  Heated words are exchanged, Kevin calls Daniel a dead-beat, and Daniel bloodies his nose with the one-hitter quitter for the win. Jeffrey’s reaction is priceless.
  2. “Smiling” Jack Abbott vs. Adam “The Weasel” Newman: In a classic case of two tweeners going at it, you really don’t know who to root for.  Jack’s playing the good guy, but in reality, he conspired with Adam on the diary and then sold him out.  That, my friends, is the true definition of snitching: entering into a criminal operation with someone, but then turning on them.  And Adam’s crimes have been well documented,  but since we know he didn’t actually kill Skye, he’s somewhat of a babyface as well.  Jabot wins it with a punch, which Adam took like a G. 
  3. And now for the main event….“Stupid” Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Newman vs. Phyllis “Big Red She-Devil” Summers Romalotti Abbott Newman in a chocolate cat fight: We’ve been waiting for this one for years, as Phyllis and Sharon never really had a definitive conflict in spite of all the heat between them.  The dialogue leading up to it and the actual fight will go down as an iconic scene in Y & R history because of the long build to this.  Compare it to the cake fight at Billy and Chloe’s wedding, which was the final installment (for now) of the Kay and Jill feud.  At one point, I was hoping that they would take a risk and have Phyllis and Sharon have an affair as they seemed to get closer when they were working together to exonerate Nick,and I think they really could still do that with Phyllis working with Adam and Sharon.  Regardless, I loved the fight and hope they do something with it.  At this point, Joey Styles (RIP the real ECW) would have been screaming “CAT FIGHT!”

5 more days until Not that I Watch That Kind of Thing Radio


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