Nasty Nick goes into his ex-step-mother’s Naughty Jungle of Love (12/17/2010)

20 Dec

Somehow, we didn’t get to touch on it on the radio show, but one of the more, uh, interesting developments on Y & R last week was Nick boning his former mother in law, now played by Maura West.  Maura West reminds me of Rihanna physically, but if you know me, you know I’m not a big fan of Rihanna, not just because she’s cricket-faced, but she’s said some extremely dumb stuff in the wake of the Chris Brown assault.  But I digress.

So henceforth, Nicholas Newman shall be known as Nasty Nick, a homage to the character Nasty Nate from Half Baked.  To make it even nastier, it looks like they’re going to go with a father-son love triangle with Diane.  This just sounds like a set up for a bad porn.  Not that Y & R hasn’t treaded this path before with the Newmans (i.e. Victor kissing Sharon, Nikki and Victoria both going after Cole).

In other news from Friday, I got to see Skye’s legs!  We all know Adam’s going to get off, but we need to have some adversity for him to get through before he and Sharon can ride off into their dysfunctional sunset.  All I’m asking for is for the writers to just include one flashback scene that shows what happened to Richard Hightower, or I cannot buy into Adam’s redemption.

Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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