The 5 hottest women on Y & R Right Now (12/21/2010)

21 Dec

For some reason, BY FAR, my most viewed and popular post is the original 5 hottest women on Y & R right now, with a strong Eden Riegel fanbase fueling it.  So, in the interests of promotion, let’s do it again!  I have a change or two, plus the add of some honorable mentions.  In no particular order once again…

Laura Stone as Skye Lockhart

I did a separate ode to the lovely Ms. Stone, as she was a glaring omission from the first list.  I hope they keep her around, as she would make for amazing storylines.

Eden Riegel as Heather Stevens

The now-pregnant Ms. Riegel is a must on the list, as she keeps bringing the hits in.  She’s a beautiful girl, but she just hasn’t clicked in this role.

Elizabeth Hendrickson as Chloe Mitchell

I’m keeping my Chloe on here!  I need for them to get a good storyline for her, but I’m still loving her

Angell Conwell as Attorney Leslie Michaelson

Angell Conwell as Leslie Michaelson

A newcomer to Y & R, the lovely Ms. Conwell is making the most of limited screentime.  I hope they find a way to keep her on the show after the Adam mess is resolved.  I’m not feeling what they’re doing to her hair (pause), but she’s a beautiful woman.

Julia Pace Mitchell as Sofia Dupre

They’ve really dropped the ball on the Sofia Dupre character, going the predictable “chemistry between her and Neil” route (yeah, we saw this love triangle with Neil and Malcolm, both with Dru and with Alex Perez).  And why in God’s name they’re using her in gravy competitions is beyond me, but I still have love for the character, and the actress portraying her is extremely kind, accessible, and generous…she makes you root for her!

Honorable Mentions:

Tatiana Ali at Roxanne with no last name-I had a hard time taking her out of the top 5, but I don’t think she’s appeared since August.  Maybe she’s on a fishing trip or at a lodge meeting with Murphy.

Tracey Bregman  as Lauren Fenmore Baldwin-Didn’t want to give the impression that I had anything but love for the cougars and Tracey Bregman is a gorgeous woman!

Sharon Case as Sharon Collins Newman Abbott Newman-There’s a tendency to overlook Sharon because she’s been there so long and her character can be maddening, but when you just look at her, you think “Man, that’s an attractive woman”

Marcy Rylan as Abby Newman-She just got edged out of the top 5 for not standing by her rape victim boyfriend, but I still like Marcy Rylan a lot.

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