Where’s Dr. Emily Peterson when you need her?

19 Jan

There’s something else you don’t know about me, Joe Rogan.  (c)Tyrone Biggums

My dream was to be a Psychologist.  Better yet, my dream was to have a private practice and provide therapeutic services to adolescents.  Because I had great GRE scores coming out of Hampton University, I was kind of steered towards Ph.D. programs and Psy.D. programs.  I went to work on a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology for 3 years and had a great GPA, but in an ironic twist, I had the worst case of writers’ block in history and ran out of funding before finishing.  I intended to go back, but started making full time money, and now a wife and two sons later, it’s probably not in the cards.

I say all this to say that I know a little something about mental health treatment.  With that background, how in the bluest of hells would a trained mental health professional think it’s a good idea to completely disrupt the life of an ex-husband to help his scheming “amnesiac” ex-wife?  It’s all kinds of unethical and just plain wrong.  The Young and The Restless handles many issues with kid gloves, but they’re so ham-handed with the portrayal of both mental health professionals and the mentally ill.  From Emily Peterson marrying her bat-shit crazy client’s obsession to this Kevin and Jana debacle to Sharon’s private room to Ashley’s voluntary commitment to Adam’s manipulation and the depiction of the patients as 1 dimensional loony birds, the portrayal leaves a lot to be desired, to say the least.  Again, it’s a great dramatic opportunity for Y & R that they won’t take in order to take shortcuts.  How interesting would it be for Sharon, for instance, to realize she was Bipolar?  It could create some Emmy-worthy scenes and could explain a lot of her past behaviors.  If you doubt the dramatic potential of such a development, I dare you to check out “An Unquiet Mind” by Kay Redfield Jamison.

Anyway, I really hope this storyline ends quickly…it just makes me uncomfortable…not that I watch that kind of thing

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