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The endgame…

I will write more soon, but 2 quick thoughts.
1.  Best two episodes of Y & R in years (Wednesday and Thursday).  Don’t screw it up.
2.  Jill got some big ass tit-tays.  Sorry, I couldn’t resist…but she may vault into the top 5 off of the scene where she’s changing clothes

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He decided to die….

He would not come down
from the cross just to save Himself;
He decided to die just to save me.



I was really sad to see Cane die today.  Like, really, really sad.  I don’t really believe in soap opera deaths unless the advance the show in some way, particularly the characters that the deceased left behind.

But, in my humble opinion, Y&R did an excellent job at doing just that.  Cane had to die in order to allow his survivors to shine.

In general, I consider Lily to be a vapid, whiny shrew who doesn’t deserve the mantle “Drucilla’s Daughter” so it was no surprise to see her so broken in today’s episode.  But I still reel at the possibilities for her character.  She will be sad, certainly, but she doesn’t have to remain broken.  Maybe this will be the turning point that finally gives her an edge.

Although Malcolm still gives me “runaway slave” in the delivery of his lines, I was enthralled by the juxtaposition of the two Winters brothers.  Level-headed Neil asks the hotheaded Malcolm not to blame Sofia for everything that has happened.  But how can he not when his chosen one would hide such secrets from him?

And Sofia.  We’re finally seeing her more vulnerable side.  Not to mention the evil Colin.  Although I hate that Cane had to die, I would have never felt sorry for Colin without it happening.

So perhaps Colin had to die in order for the Winters clan to shine.

And before I forget… Jill and Katherine’s scene (shown above in the middle) was inspired.  They are superb actors who definitely convinced me that they were really mother and daughter.  And more importantly, in that moment, the characters themselves believed that they were mother and daughter.

I get it, Y&R.  I really do.  Just don’t disappoint us with how you handle it from here on out.

Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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Stop the Violence!

The year is 1988…I’m in 5th grade (maybe 6th depending on if it’s late in the year or not) and my social life revolves around the Bowie-Crofton Roller Skating Rink.  Every Friday night, my friends and I went up there, and even though I was not much of a skater, the opportunity to hang out with Odenton’s hottest chicks outside of school was too great an opportunity to pass up.  Anyway, during the last 45 minutes of the session, they put cones at one end of the skating rink so that we could dance.  In between someone breaking their neck trying to emulate the moves of Big Daddy Kane’s dancers Skoob and Scrap Lover and looking foolish trying to do the Kid N Play kickstep, they always played the song above, Self-Destruction by the Stop The Violence movement.

I tell that story for 2 reasons:

  1. I really wanted to paint a picture for you of life in Maryland
  2. It’s a segue for me to talk about the preponderence of death on Y & R as of late.

It’s really getting ridiculous these days.   In my post on Skye, I talked about death as a lazy way out for the writers (at least I think I did…if not, I meant to).  In wrestling terms, it’s hotshot booking, where you sacrifice a potential long term storyline for shock value.  Mind you, there’s nothing wrong with hotshot booking when it’s used sparingly.  But there are no deaths on Y & R that would be shocking these days, after John Abbott, Colleen Carlton, Sarah Smythe, Sheila Carter, Skye Lockhart, David Chow, Sabrina Costellana, and whoever may have died today (is it me, or did that last scene look like the love child of the climax of The Godfather III and the stairway shootout in The Untouchables?)

I say it’s a lazy way out because you don’t think of a creative way to get rid of someone.  When you do so, in some ways, you make your job easier down the road, as you have a developed backstory and character that you can insert into a new situation instead of having to introduce someone new.  For instance, they could have Ryder come back and a brief recap would be all that’s necessary to reintroduce him into the canvas later.  You reward faithful viewers in that way as well, as they’re more invested, feeling like they’re part of an inside story.

Bradley Carlton aka George Kaplan aka The Bradcicle

Killing characters is largely a waste…you don’t think Brad Carlton (aka The Bradcicle) could add something to Y & R right now?  If you must kill someone off, do it in ambiguous ways so you could plausibly bring the person back (not like Phillip).  Yeah, we know it was *said* that Bobby Marseno was killed in witness protection, that could easily be used as a cover.  Yeah, we know that Dru was *presumed* dead, but she could just as easily be found living as an amnesiac.

Speaking of which, isn’t it about time to bring back Grace Turner?  Cameron Kirsten?  But I digress…..

Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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