Eyecandy-fest 2011! (4/12/2011)

13 Apr

 Note:  I changed the original title because I didn’t want to attract porn traffic.  Freaks.

So…one of my first posts on here asked for some eyecandy for the fellas….I got it yesterday!  Before I get into that, a moment of silence for my future ex-wife marrying another man later today.  It brings to mind one of the biggest hater songs of the 80s, before we started using the term hater, which I loathe:

The main storylines for Tuesdays episode were Malcolm and Sofia getting ready for the wedding, Chloe and Gloria in jail, Sharon at her mother’s and Nick and Phyllis with Adam trying to find Sharon. 

I was cracking up at Darius McCrary morphing from his Malcolm voice to his Eddie Winslow voice with nerves from the wedding. But of course, the highlight of the episode for me was Sofia, looking radiant.  She plays so fine, don’t you agree? (c) Mr. Randy Watson and Sexual Chocolate

Have mercy

Also showing her goodies yesterday was Sharon Newman, who in my opinion looks good with her hair darker.  And the tramp look would get old on an every day basis, but it was a nice “y’all must have forgot” kind of reminder of what she’s working with. On the non-caveman tip, Sharon Case delivered a really powerful performance.  You definitely see where her mom is coming from when she says that she’s made her bed and not listened to anyone’s advice, but it’s still heartbreaking, no matter how old you are, to hear that your parent is giving up on you.  The ethos of that scene was well done.  

Speaking of Sharon, it looks like Adam is taking Nick, Phyllis, and the apparent cop on a wild, international goose chase.  It’s weird….I STILL need them to reveal Richard Hightower’s murderer, but I’m kind of rooting for Adam.  I’ve previously referred to Nick as a lunk, and his “I just want to hit someone” line yesterday was further proof of that.  Be like your dad or your brother, go for the cerebral. 

Last but not least, we have the whole Jana-Chloe-Gloria storyline.  With Emily O’Brien on the way out, I’m sure that Jana’s dirt is about to be revealed, but it was nice to see it progressing in that direction with Billy and Kevin working together.  The interplay between Greg Rikaart and Billy Miller has always been good, and I’m glad we’ll get to see more of it coming soon.

Not that I watch that kind of thing…


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2 responses to “Eyecandy-fest 2011! (4/12/2011)

  1. Kristen

    April 13, 2011 at 7:33 pm

    I still can’t believe Malcolm and Sophia are getting married at that damn church. What an asshole! No wonder Lily won’t ever acknowledge him as her father!

  2. ntiwtkot

    April 14, 2011 at 8:33 am

    LOL….yeah, that was pretty douche-y. Although the real reason is that they wanted to re-use that set and they don’t have an outside set of the chapel they usually use.


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