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The Inexplicable Return of Evil Adam?

So….I’m sure somewhere in my first 70 posts, I’ve mentioned somewhere in the neighborhood of millions dozens of times about my failed grad school experience.  How I have 10s of thousands in loans, but no Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology to show for it, due not to my grades, but rather the worst case of writers’ block in history.  (Sidenote: If you’ve paid attention to my blogging patterns, you can see how streaky and undisciplined I am…shut up, Rashid!)  I say all this to say that those thousands of dollars spent on my graduate psychology education are about to pay off for you.

I’ve previously compared Adam Newman to Darth Vader, especially in that Lord Vader had one speck of light in the darkness that consumed him, his love for Padme’.  Similarly, Adam’s one shining light was his love for Sharon.  However, did I mention how Darth Vader’s last encounter with Padme’ went?  No?  Yeah, he killed her.  Similarly, Adam figuratively killed Sharon, luring her into a false wedding, then leaving her at the alter, and more importantly, thowing away the evidence that could clear her of murdering my Skye. 

Adam’s actions simply don’t make sense on the surface.  Sharon has slept with Nick since her and Adam have been together.  Why such a violent reaction to Sharon falling in with Sam, who Adam has no confirmation of her sleeping with?  It seems like killing an ant with a sledgehammer, until it occured to me that Sam is what Adam was raised to be by his mother.  Simple, country values…a good man.  We know that the only thing that truly draws regret from Adam is how his mom would have viewed him, as evidenced by his breakdown on the stairs in the ranch during his gaslighting of Ashley.  He went ballistic, not because Sharon betrayed him, but because she betrayed him with a man he KNOWS is better than him, and is what he should be.  When you come face to face with the best you, it’s jarring.  It completely shakes your foundations. 

When you know that, Adam’s actions make perfect sense, in his twisted mind.  Making Adam more one dimensional again limits him as a character.  I’m curious to see where they go with him now, because his one redeeming quality is gone.

On another non-Y & R note, I’m falling in love with wrestling again.  All because of one man…CM Punk.  CM Punk has apparently been given some latitude to go off-script, single-handedly reviving WWE, and making Raw seem must see again.  It started with a worked shoot promo (reality based, but not entirely real)

and culminated with the most scintallating, organic outpouring of emotion in recent wrestling memory two weeks later, when CM Punk won the WWE title at Money in the Bank

I’ve often lamented the too slick, sports entertainmenty feel of wrestling today.  I’ve said their booking is horrible and there are no great characters, because they’re all written by the same people who write scripts for everyone.  If this saga has shown nothing else, it has shown that the wrestlers need to be unleashed again and given a chance to shine.  CM Punk has done what I thought was impossible;  he has made Raw must see TV again, returning last Monday night.  I only hope it can be sustained.  However, I’m enjoying the ride for what it is….not that I watch that kind of thing!

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I can relate…

I know, it’s been a minute.  I’ve thought about writing stuff, but after a few weeks of inactivity, it gets harder and harder to get back on your horse.  Truth be told, even with major story lines and payoffs, I just haven’t felt compelled to write…until now.

Though they’ve done it before with him (just in December!), the Billy Abbott downward spiral is the most compelling thing on Y & R right now.  What gets you into just about anything is feeling that you can relate to the characters.  With soaps generally being written for women, it’s not too rare of an occurrence for a woman to find a character to whom she can relate.  However, it’s exceedingly rare for a guy.  I have a hard time relating to Victor Newman….yeah, I’ve always liked Victor and thought he was cool, but I never saw a lot of myself in a ruthless billionaire meglomaniac.  Same thing with Jack, to a lesser degree….though his admiration for his father and obsessive drive to make his father proud is something to which I can definitely relate.  However, I see a lot of myself in Billy Abbott right now.  If I had everything that had any meaning taken from me, I can’t say 100% that I wouldn’t react like Billy.  Moreover, I’d be truly hurt by people always thinking the worst of me.  I’m violating manlaw by revealing this nugget, but the surefire way to wound a man to his core is to make clear that you don’t believe in him.  One of a man’s greatest purposes and motivators is knowing that people believe in you and rely on you.  It truly separates boys from men because a real man rises to the occasion or dies trying.

Billy has lost everything and desperately needs someone to believe in him.  Preferably, that person would be Victoria.  Again, from my personal experience, if no one else but your wife and kids believed in you, I think most men would be okay.  He’s brought out even more humanity in a character who desparately wants to do the right thing, but the universe isn’t cooperating with him.  As a consequence, his character is more fully developed than most….Nick is a caricature at this point…he’s a one note lunk.  Adam has the potential for great character development, but then they have him do inexplicable things like throw out the memory card. 

A few random notes:

–The Adam thing really irks me…I liked the grudging relationship Adam was developing with Noah.  I liked that this complex, dark character had but one shining light within him, his love for Sharon, which I believed was authentic.  However hurt or jealous he may have been, throwing the memory card that could clear Sharon of murder in the river was inexplicable.  It made no sense storyline-wise, at least in terms of Adam’s character arc.  The only way it makes any sense is that it made Adam uncharacteristically act out of emotion. 

–Diane and Ashley have been looking sort of hot lately.

–Thumbs up to Nu-Eden…I like the actress playing her, I like how they realistically SORASed the character, and I’m intrigued by the future.

–Is it me, or does it seem like someone different is writing Chloe as of late?

–The Cane saga feels like such a re-hash. Cane lies, the Winters men close ranks to “protect Lily”, yada yada yada.  I’ve written my disdain about treating Lily as some delicate, well, Lily for a while now.  And putting Daniel and Lily back together?  That makes sense how?  The cat who divorced Amber and gave away his daughter because he didn’t want kids is messing with his ex-wife, who is the mother of twins?  Lily goes back to her porn-addicted husband (that may well have been the DUMBEST reason to divorce someone in soap history, but I digress)?  I don’t like it…get back with Cane, let them have some peace for a while.

–Speaking of Cane, is it me, or has his mother’s performance been incredibly over the top? It’s not necessarily bad, but she reminds me of Gloria Bardwell quite a bit.

–Where have Paul and Nina been?


That’s all for now…not that I watch that kind of thing.

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