What’s the Big Deal About Nikki Newman?

17 Sep

Over on Days of Our Lives, they have brought back John and Marlena, Carrie and Austin, and Jack.  And they fired eight actors, ostensibly to make way for the new ones.

You could argue that Days of Our Lives is going through a renaissance – indeed, it’s the only soap that I watch which has even intentionally said to the fans “Yeah, we know it sucked, but we’re changing things and it’s time to come on home now.”  So even though they canned my beloved Vivian, and my favorite “Ghoul Girl” Chloe, I think I can ride out this storm with them because it seems to be for the health of the show.

Meanwhile, back in Genoa City, Nikki Newman has been off the canvas for quite a while.  As my mom would say when one of our relatives would go incommunicado, “She’s off on a speaking engagement.”  And frankly, I don’t miss her.  But more on that in a second.

What bothers me is the news from Daytime Confidential that four Y&R actors have been let go and Nikki is coming back.  Colin, Heather, Sam, and Malcolm are allegedly out of there!  (And word on the street is that Genevieve may soon be gone, too.)

Yes, Debbi Morgan is also coming to Y&R, so maybe it’s hasty to just say “That damn Melody Thomas Scott took our jerbs!”  But it definitely seems like a bunch of folks had to die so that Nikki could live.

And for what?

Nikki’s most intriguing storylines have been pretty much anything she did which wasn’t with Victor.  And I’m sorry, but Victor is about as relevant as Olivia post G-Unit.  But because they (the writers, the producers, whoever) insist on trying to make Victor and Nikki work, we get stuck with her getting abused emotionally by this gorilla of an executive and sorry excuse for a father.  She’s just not interesting!  I don’t get it.

Let’s just let this character go.  Seriously.  Nikki and Victor need to ride off into the sunset and let this thing end on a high note.  There is no more story left in Nikki.  And since Victor never seems to get an adequate comeuppance, let him go, too.

It’s time for a renaissance in Genoa City.  And here’s how I would do it:

Bring super-couples back full force.  Let Billy and Victoria be the anchors of the show.  Love them together.  Especially when Victoria makes use of the TCB and slicks back that hair once in a while.  Make Tucker and Ashley WORK.  I surprisingly like them together – even better when they are being ruthless business people.

Let Neil focus on the inevitable King Solomon-esque battle between him and Tucker for Devon’s loyalty and affection.  And put Devon in a triangle with whatever Tatyana Ali’s once-a-month character’s name is.  Bryton can act his ass off – we need more of him.

Keep Malcolm – don’t fire him.  And if you do fire him, only bring Shemar back.  I don’t want to lose Julia Hightower and I just don’t see her around as much if Malcolm is gone.

Keep Sam for crying out loud.  He has chemistry with Sharon, but also with Victoria.  And heck, he’s a nice, real person.

Do I despise Eden Riegel?  Not as a person, but you know Vail Bloom was MY Heather.  But there is still use for the character – it’s like they’re not even trying to make her work.  And speaking of lawyers – we need more Rafe and more Leslie (who technically should have been made a millionaire when the Newman kids won their lawsuit).  I like Avery, but dammit I don’t like the retconning of Phyliss’ backstory.

I can live without Cane and Lily, Noah and Eden (and whoever the new chick is), and a few other folks.

But I suppose my main point is this:

I’d rather the cast stay as it is without Nikki Newman than to bring her back and cause others to lose their jobs.  All there is to it.


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4 responses to “What’s the Big Deal About Nikki Newman?

  1. Kelly

    October 3, 2011 at 1:53 pm

    So glad you are not one of the writers for the show!

    • bloodyafrikans

      October 3, 2011 at 1:57 pm

      I’m glad I’m not either — I would hate to have to make artistic decisions based on contractual requirements and budget constraints.

  2. sandysea

    October 9, 2011 at 7:55 pm

    I can live without boring victoria and Billy what a joke those two is,they are not even fit to be romantic lead.also love Nikki and glad she is back and hope they give her some good stories to show off her acting skill.

  3. hulamunki

    October 10, 2011 at 12:23 pm

    great perspective. i agree with you that nikki has ran her course. trying over and over again to revive the nikii-victor relationship is like beating a dead horse. frankly, i am tired of her monotone voice and expressionless face. i can’t bare to watch another abusive verbal beat down from victor if she doesn’t “obey” him. enough is enough already.
    billy and vikki definitely should be the super couple of the show. they have great chemistry together…and fun to watch. we need to see a healthy marriage for a change and it can happen once busy-body-old-lady victor gets a life.
    i am glad that they finally allowed bryton to show his stuff. the young man has skills. his character just needed more exposure…and more time with roxy. i think the winters family needs to be more of a central family than some filler on the sidelines. these actor are not getting their full due. we definitely need more leslie and sofia. it’s too bad about what has happened to malcolm’s character…but we do not need dru resurrected from the dead, and lily can most definitely go to. watching this actress is like watching paint dry.


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