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Pissed off….

Hey folks,

I haven’t written in a long while…and really haven’t felt compelled to by the storylines.  The one that’s gotten my attention (and not in a good way) is the Kevin-Angelina storyline.  It’s really irking me.  The logical gaps in the story are astounding, and more than anything, it just makes me feel uncomfortable.  I really wanted the Kevin-Chloe relationship to work (and I’m sure it still will), but there is nothing redeeming about Angelina.  She has what is called in wrestling “go away heat,”  where you don’t like her, not because she’s a bad guy who’s intriguing, but rather just annoying and a cartoon character.

Here’s a list-y breakdown of my issues with it:

  1. Angelo goes from comic relief to Don?  Yeah, I can’t understand how this one note character goes from bit part to getting more screen time than Lauren Fenmore and other characters I’d like to see more of.  Further, when he was first there, he was the least intimidating gangster in history.  He’ll always be the guy with the ulcer in Dumb and Dumber to me.  Now all of the sudden he’s murking cats?  GTFOH
  2. Kevin suddenly becomes a punk?  Kevin’s a little cray, a little creepy, and generally a good guy….but Kev’s never been a punk.  How in the bluest of hells does this guy who stood up to comic relief Angelo let himself get manipulated by Angelo now?  Especially when he’s done books for him…especially when he has info on Angelo’s secret island…especially when the powerful Victor Newman owes him a favor….especially when he knows what Angelo did to Jeffrey?  Kev could blow Angelo up in 50 different ways, but first he does this bodyguard crap, then he runs off, then he marries Angelina, then he apparently lets Angelo intimidate him into staying in the marriage.  It’s not true to character at all.
  3. Bullying: I’m not a big fan of this whole Angelo’s a big shot and gets what he wants…and so does Angelina.  Angelo is a joke to the power structure of GC, yet he’s running roughshod over the son and grandson of billionaires, and the brother of the consigliere to the most powerful man in the town.  Shut this cat down.
  4. What Angie wants, Angie gets!  I know it happens, but it’s still irksome to see a talentless hack bogard her way into whatever she wants, including a committed relationship where the guy isn’t interested in her.

The sooner this storyline is over, the better.

A few other random thoughts:

  • Yeah…..I’m kind of over “Harmony” talking like a runaway slave and using slang from 10 years ago.  It’s like that parent who’s trying to be hip and can’t quite get it.  You know the type….the guy who’s still raising the roof or “Getting Jiggy with it”
  • I feel kind of bad that Deacon Sharpe is the only person in jail over Diane’s murder.  Y & R apparently hates blue collar folks.  There could really be a place for him as sort of the conscience of the show.  He was absolutely right a few weeks ago when he pointed out the hypocrisy of all these dysfunctional folks.
  • Can Jack catch a break?  Ever?  The last slimy thing dude did was the Victor diary thing and throwing Adam under the bus for that.  But he’s generally a good guy.  I root for him.
  • Adam is another cat I want to root for.  His family has treated him like pure-d garbage since he arrived in town.  Can we finally get the Adam redemption/Newman family reconciliation storyline?   I’ve long advocated bringing back a common enemy to unite Nick and Adam like Cameron Kirsten.
  • I really liked Nick and Avery together.  I really like Avery.  Naked.
  • Am I crazy or did they not explain why Ronan left?  Further, why show that clip of him in the hospital bed doing a crossword puzzle with an evil grin while saying suckers and not follow up on it?

That’s it for now folks!  Take care.

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