Okay, Imma test this out… (c) Erykah Badu

What is NTIWTKOT?  To understand what this blog is, let me take you back to 1981…

I was in pre-school and would get home around 12:30 every day.  While eating my peanut butter and jelly sandwiches and coloring, my mother would invariably watch The Young and The Restless.  I paid no attention, because at that point, if it wasn’t Mr. Rogers, Sesame Street, The Electric Company, or What’s Happening, I didn’t care.  But one day, I came home and I was greeted by the woman we now know as Nikki Newman stripping.  (See for yourself: They didn’t show anything, of course;  looking back, it barely moves me.  But to my 4 year old mind, seeing Nikki half-nekkid was my end all, be all (except for when the adults would watch Body & Soul and I would peek around the corner and see my first glimpses of bare breasts!)  Of course, I pretended I wasn’t paying attention so my mom wouldn’t get wise and turn it off…

The funny thing was that long after Nikki became a Honest Ho [ (c) Della Reese in Harlem Nights], I started watching again….it became a reminder of a time when things were simple.  I started watching while I was in junior high during the summers.  Once I got out of college, I started programming my VCR to watch Y & R….DVRs have made my life much easier.

As a guy, it’s not something we talk about a lot, but I know I’m not alone.  There are a lot of guys who had similar experiences, being raised by their mothers and grandmothers.  So this blog is basically my semi-daily commentary on the happenings in Genoa City, from a male point of view (tangent:  That sounds like Men on…from In Living Color…wow).  I might write some in-depth analysis, I might simply ask questions, I might post a list, or I might just do it stream of consciousness style.   Come with me on this journey to Genoa City and feel free to comment…not that I watch that kind of thing….

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As for me, I’m a married father of 2 very entertaining little boys, living in Maryland…I’m a Pisces!


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