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He decided to die….

He would not come down
from the cross just to save Himself;
He decided to die just to save me.



I was really sad to see Cane die today.  Like, really, really sad.  I don’t really believe in soap opera deaths unless the advance the show in some way, particularly the characters that the deceased left behind.

But, in my humble opinion, Y&R did an excellent job at doing just that.  Cane had to die in order to allow his survivors to shine.

In general, I consider Lily to be a vapid, whiny shrew who doesn’t deserve the mantle “Drucilla’s Daughter” so it was no surprise to see her so broken in today’s episode.  But I still reel at the possibilities for her character.  She will be sad, certainly, but she doesn’t have to remain broken.  Maybe this will be the turning point that finally gives her an edge.

Although Malcolm still gives me “runaway slave” in the delivery of his lines, I was enthralled by the juxtaposition of the two Winters brothers.  Level-headed Neil asks the hotheaded Malcolm not to blame Sofia for everything that has happened.  But how can he not when his chosen one would hide such secrets from him?

And Sofia.  We’re finally seeing her more vulnerable side.  Not to mention the evil Colin.  Although I hate that Cane had to die, I would have never felt sorry for Colin without it happening.

So perhaps Colin had to die in order for the Winters clan to shine.

And before I forget… Jill and Katherine’s scene (shown above in the middle) was inspired.  They are superb actors who definitely convinced me that they were really mother and daughter.  And more importantly, in that moment, the characters themselves believed that they were mother and daughter.

I get it, Y&R.  I really do.  Just don’t disappoint us with how you handle it from here on out.

Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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Next epsiode of Not That I Watch That Kind of Thing Radio.

The next episode of NTIWTKOT Radio is Sunday January 30, 2011 at 6:30 pm.  Go to to check us out.   Feel free to call in at  (714) 202-9929…you know how I love feedback!  To hear our last episode on demand, go to

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Nasty Nick goes into his ex-step-mother’s Naughty Jungle of Love (12/17/2010)

Somehow, we didn’t get to touch on it on the radio show, but one of the more, uh, interesting developments on Y & R last week was Nick boning his former mother in law, now played by Maura West.  Maura West reminds me of Rihanna physically, but if you know me, you know I’m not a big fan of Rihanna, not just because she’s cricket-faced, but she’s said some extremely dumb stuff in the wake of the Chris Brown assault.  But I digress.

So henceforth, Nicholas Newman shall be known as Nasty Nick, a homage to the character Nasty Nate from Half Baked.  To make it even nastier, it looks like they’re going to go with a father-son love triangle with Diane.  This just sounds like a set up for a bad porn.  Not that Y & R hasn’t treaded this path before with the Newmans (i.e. Victor kissing Sharon, Nikki and Victoria both going after Cole).

In other news from Friday, I got to see Skye’s legs!  We all know Adam’s going to get off, but we need to have some adversity for him to get through before he and Sharon can ride off into their dysfunctional sunset.  All I’m asking for is for the writers to just include one flashback scene that shows what happened to Richard Hightower, or I cannot buy into Adam’s redemption.

Not that I watch that kind of thing….

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First episode of NTIWTKOT Radio is available for listening and download

The first episode of Not That I Watch That Kind of Thing radio is available for you to check out now.  Please let us know what you think.  It should be available as a podcast in the coming days.  Thanks for reading/listening.

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Big News!

To my dozens and dozens of readers…(who am I kidding…even that’s an exagerration)

This blog has been fun to do, in spite of sometimes feeling like I’m talking to myself only.  Well, I’m about to take talking to myself to a new level!

  1. The blog has a new dedicated e-mail address
  2. We’ve had the Facebook page for a while, but in order to get a snazzy short address, I need 25 people to “like” the page…ask a friend, please!  Go to
  3. I’ve started a twitter page, though I admit, I hate twitter.  Follow us at
  4. And for the biggest news of all….

Now I’ll be able to literally talk to myself.  I’ve started a new blog talkradio show.  For half an hour on Sunday evenings, you can listen to me blather about Y & R, music, etc.  You’ll be able to call in as well.   For more info on the radio show, go to  The first episode will be Sunday, December 19 from 3:30-4:00pm. 

Please tell a friend!

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What My ‘Home By The Sea’ Means To Me. (via The Daily Stride Blog)

Another non-Y & R post, but I have to send a shout out to the real HU Hampton University and this wonderful piece on why we love our “Home By The Sea”

What My 'Home By The Sea' Means To Me. ***The outpouring of love that this piece has received is amazing – thank you!  It’s a true testament to the love that we all share for this special place*** A couple of days ago I sat down and attempted to put pen to paper to fully describe what Hampton University means to me.  In a succinct essay I wanted to express my feelings for the school, the magnitude of the experience, and the implications that the experience had on my life.  After I loo … Read More

via The Daily Stride Blog

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Not Y & R related, but…

Usually I don’t deviate from the main topic of this blog, but 1) Nobody reads this anyway I probably have about 2 daily readers anyway and 2) I wanted to take a quick second to put you on to some good music…

The Foreign Exchange is probably my favorite group right now.  Comprised of Phonte Coleman (formerly of the seminal hip hop group Little Brother) and Dutch musician Nicolay Rook, The Foreign Exchange met via the message boards and exchanged vocals and tracks over Instant Messenger.  Their entire first album was made by this method, with Phonte in North Carolina and Nicolay in the Netherlands.  They didn’t actually meet until the first album, Connected, dropped in 2004.   Connected was an eclectic blend of electronica and soul, it was at it’s heart a hip hop album.  +FE came back in 2008 with Leave It All Behind, for my money one of the top 5 albums of the 00’s.  Leave It All Behind saw Phonte primarily as a singer with strong contributions by fellow +FE music contributors such as YahZarah, Muhsinah, and Darien Brockington.  From top to bottom, Leave It All Behind was a lush soundscape of atmospheric soul, with Phonte only dropping 32 bars on the whole album, focused on singing.  Here’s their videos from the album:

And then there’s the live performances…

I’ll put it to you like this, I had been playing their music and my wife didn’t really pay attention.  Last October, when they came to DC, I twisted her arm and convinced her we should go to the show.  She went primarily for me, but absolutely loved the show and became a fan.  Here’s some clips of their live performances, which mix up musicianship, comedy, and a damn near familial connection with the crowd:

+FE’s new album, Authenticity will be released on October 12.  The lead single, Maybe She’ll Dream of Me, was released for free yesterday.  Click on the picture below for a free download.  And also check out +FE’s website, for all their news, free streaming radio of their whole catalog, and lots of free downloads.


 Enjoy…and if they come to your area, go see +FE!

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